The Secret of Maturity, Third Edition

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  • Live Sane & Live Smart
  • How To Live a Mature Life
  • How To Own the Power of Emotional Responsibility
  • How To Stop Buying into Garbage

What Is Maturity? The Secret of Maturity

  • This book describes maturity in understandable and practical terms.
  • If you want to know what it means to be mature, this book is for you.
  • If you want to know how to live a mature life, this book is for you.
  • If you want to grow up or know what it means to grow up, this book is for you.

Share Maturity: The Secret of Maturity

  • With all our means of communication and education, how is it possible that many fundamental concepts and principles continue to remain a secret or a mystery to most people?
  • What kind of educational system can call itself “education” and fail to discuss and explore fundamental human qualities like maturity?

Many Avenues to Maturity: The Secret of Maturity

  • The research for this book uncovered a myriad of ways of approaching the same basic answer for the secret of maturity: maturity is responsibility.
  • Most of the answers to “What is maturity?” come from either psychology or philosophy.
  • The answers are listed or briefly described throughout the text.
  • It is your job to decide what to do with all the answers.
  • Start practicing what you understand, and more will come to you.

Condensed Information: The Secret of Maturity

  • Quite a few of the paragraphs in this book summarize concepts that are expounded in entire volumes elsewhere.
  • Since this book is so condensed, it will be most effective when it is revisited after more experience of practicing maturity.

Do What Works for You from The Secret of Maturity

  • Might we suggest that you first pursue those concepts that strike you as personally relevant?
  • They will do you the most good today because those concepts will be emotionally valuable to you.
  • Read the suggested references to those concepts, and locate other related works at the library or through Internet searches.

Positive Results: The Secret of Maturity

  • If you learn and apply the lessons contained in this book, results are guaranteed.
  • Anyone who learns to live maturely will find that he or she is in better health because he or she can handle stress better.
  • Anyone who learns to live maturely will find that he or she has a better love life because he or she can handle interpersonal relationships and communication better.
  • Anyone who learns to live maturely will find that he or she has a better career or work experience because he or she can better handle challenges, conflicts, stressors, work politics, and work pressures.

  • Read for the best understanding of maturity.
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  • Title
    • The Secret of Maturity, Third Edition
  • Copyright
    • Copyright © 1989, 1990, 2012 by Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  • ISBN
    • ISBN 978-1-878693-31-0
  • Dedication
  • Description

What Is Maturity?

  • Maturity Defined
  • Maturity’s Source: Emotional Responsibility
    • 7 Reasons for Emotional Responsibility
  • Emotional Responsibility Used and Abused
    • Blame Game
  • The Secret of Maturity

Keys to Maturity

  • Run Your Own Mind
    • REBT
    • Attribution Theory
    • General Semantics
    • Internal Locus of Control
    • Inner-Directed Personality
  • Run Your Own Self
    • Self-Ownership
    • Self-Reliance
    • Personal Autonomy
    • Centering
    • Individualist versus Follower
    • External Referenting
  • More Keys to Maturity
    • To Thy Own Self Be True
    • Dependent Feelings Cause Dependent Behaviors
    • Detachment
    • Codependency
    • Boundaries and Limits
    • Systems Theory
    • Creativity
    • Solitude
  • True Strength
    • Immunity to Insults
  • Culture and Maturity
  • Why Immature?

6 Levels of Emotional Maturity

  • Level 1 of Emotional Maturity
    • Emotional Responsibility
  • Level 2 of Emotional Maturity
    • Emotional Honesty
  • Level 3 of Emotional Maturity
    • Emotional Openness
  • Level 4 of Emotional Maturity
    • Emotional Assertiveness
  • Self-Concept: The Enemy Within
  • Level 5 of Emotional Maturity
    • Emotional Understanding
  • Level 6 of Emotional Maturity
    • Emotional Detachment
  • First Self-Test for Emotional Maturity
    • Scoring
    • Level One Items: Emotional Responsibility
    • Level Two Items: Emotional Honesty
    • Level Three Items: Emotional Openness
    • Level Four Items: Emotional Assertiveness
    • Level Five Items: Emotional Understanding
    • Level Six Items: Emotional Detachment
  • Second Self-Test for Emotional Maturity
    • Scoring
    • Emotional Responsibility
    • Emotional Honesty
    • Emotional Openness
    • Emotional Assertiveness
    • Emotional Understanding
    • Emotional Detachment

8 Basic Emotional Skills

  • 1 Detaching, Letting Go, and Freeing Feelings
  • 2 Choosing and Deciding on Feelings
  • 3 Directing and Using Feelings
  • 4 Protecting, Containing, and Caring for Feelings
  • 5 Understanding Feelings or Having Emotional Insight
  • 6 Allowing and Experiencing Feelings
  • 7 Accepting Recognized or Identified Feelings
  • 8 Expressing and Communicating Feelings

Assorted Additions

  • Dualistic Scale for Maturity
  • Middle Way or Synthesis Scale for Maturity
  • 5 Thinking Positions Scale for Maturity
  • 11 Irrational Beliefs
  • 10 Emotions
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Acceptance
    • Do Accept from Self
    • Don’t Accept from Others
  • 2 Poems about Maturity
    • Blame Game
    • Nothing Makes Me Feel Anything
  • Extrovert versus Introvert
  • Final Insights
    • Cause of Emotions
    • Movie Examples for Intention, Expectation, and Interpretation
    • Share the Secret

Quotations on Maturity

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  • Recommended Books, Alphabetically by Author
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  • Enjoy!

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

  • Ebook ISBN: 978-1-878693-31-0

  • Read for the best understanding of maturity.

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The Secret of Maturity, Third Edition
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  • Read for the best understanding of maturity.

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