Stress for Success, Second Edition

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Read Stress for Success, Second Edition to Discover—

    • How To Make Stress Work For You
    • How To Increase the Advantages of Stress
    • How To Choose Positive and Productive Stress
    • How To Reject Negative and Destructive Stress

Work With Stress in Stress for Success, Second Edition

  • Why see stress as your enemy when stress can be your best friend?
  • Why fight stress when you can redirect stress to work for you?
  • Why suffer from stress when you can succeed with stress?
  • For the sake of your happiness, health, resiliency, and prosperity—discover positive stress.

Learn Ways of Helpful Stress in Stress for Success, Second Edition

  • You will learn helpful ways to make stress work for and not against you.
  • You will learn to recognize five different kinds of stress and seven solutions for stress.
  • You will discover the difference between productive and destructive stress.
  • You will be given tools to increase your productive stress and to lessen and even eliminate your destructive stress.

Happiness Is Discovering the Advantages of Stress in Stress for Success, Second Edition

  • Explore the advantages and disadvantages of stress.
  • Learn the difference between helpful and hurtful stress, and how to tell which is which quickly.
  • Discover how to cope with stress-provoking events effectively.
  • Learn how to use your attitude to lower your hurtful stress efficiently.
  • Discover how stress arises, so you can choose whether or not to have stress.
  • Learn simple and advanced methods for dealing with stress productively.
  • Discover effective rules for living that make stress your friend instead of your enemy.

Overcome Negative Stress in Stress for Success, Second Edition

  • Discover how to save yourself from the emotional and physical damage caused by negative stress.
  • Discover how to use stress positively in ways that have been proven to get positive results.

More Positive Stress & Less Negative Stress in Stress for Success, Second Edition

  • Yes, you can discover how to choose more positive stress and less negative stress.
  • Yes, you, too, can make stress your best friend.

Relate Better to Stress in Stress for Success, Second Edition

  • Begin today to switch your personal relationship with stress from relating to stress as a victim to relating to stress as a partner.
  • Make stress your path to success.
  • Share the gift of positive stress with those you love and care about.
  • Teach positive stress at home, school, and work.
  • When you help to make positive stress work for yourself and others, you are part of the solution.

Workshop on Stress in Stress for Success, Second Edition

  • Stress for Success was originally a workshop to help the general public with stress issues.
  • This ebook version of Stress for Success, while greatly expanded from the original, is short enough that you can read and reread this book to persistently practice the principles covered within until the principles become your new and better habits.
  • The table of contents was designed to work both as a direct reminder and as a mnemonic device to help you to remember many of the principles.
  • Let us wish you a successful life of stressful contributions and more excellent resiliency in the face of adversity.
  • For the philosophically inclined, this book also explores the nature and structure of both balance and power.



  • Title
    • Stress for Success, Second Edition
  • Copyright
    • Copyright © 2000, 2013 by Kevin Everett FitzMaurice
  • ISBN
    • ISBN 978-1-878693-32-7
  • Dedication
  • Description

Stress Is Friend or Foe

  • 9 Aspects of Stress
    • List of the 9 Aspects
    • 1. Stress Is Space
    • 2. Stress Is Energy
    • 3. Stress Is Duality
      • 2 Polarities of Stress
    • 4. Stress Is Time
    • 5. Stress Is Comparison
    • 6. Stress Is Judgment
    • 7. Stress Is Imbalance
    • 8. Stress Is Goal
    • 9. Stress Is Motivation
  • Stress Can Be Positive
  • Stress Can Be Negative
  • Perfectionism Is Positive and Negative
    • 4 Steps for Perfect Perfectionism
  • Stress Everywhere
  • Dilemma of Stress
    • Nothing without Positive Stress
    • Negatives with Negative Stress
  • Balance and Stress
    • 10 Laws of Homeostasis
    • Homeostasis Everywhere

3 or 5 Kinds of Stress

  • 3 Kinds of Stress
    • 1. Movement Is Forward
    • 2. Movement Is Stuck
    • 3. Movement Is Backwards
    • Examples of the 3 Basic Kinds
  • Positive Stress Coping
    • First Example for 3 Basic Kinds
    • Second Example for 3 Basic Kinds
    • Third Example for 3 Basic Kinds
    • Positive Beliefs for Positive Stress
  • 5 Types of Stress
    • 1. Progress from Stress
    • 2. Slight Progress from Stress
    • 3. No Progress from Stress
    • 4. Some Loss of Progress from Stress
    • 5. A Lot of Loss of Progress from Stress
  • 6 Stress Questions

Stress Solution One: Work Choices

  • 4 Stress-Related Work Choices
    • 1. Chose Productive Work
    • 2. Avoid Unproductive Work
    • 3. Don’t Procrastinate, Escape, or Avoid Work
    • 4. Avoid Counterproductive Work

Stress Solution Two: Attitude Choices

  • Attitudes Create Stress
  • Perception Equals Reality
  • 3 Stress Attitudes Are Similar
    • 1. Positive-Realistic Demands = Positive Stress
    • 2. Positive-Unrealistic Demands = Negative Stress
    • 3. Negative Demands = Negative Stress
  • 5 Kinds of Control
    • 1. Uncontrolled
    • 2. Too Much Freedom
    • 3. Control and Freedom in Balance
    • 4. Too Much Control
    • 5. No Freedom

Stress Solution Three: Fix It or Accept It

  • 2 Healthy Options
    • Healthy Options Defined
    • Unhealthy Options Defined
    • 2 Productive Options
    • Example of Unhealthy Options
  • Choose to Problem Solve or Cope
  • To Problem Solve or Not
    • 3 Questions for Choosing to Problem Solve
      • 1. Do I Have—
      • 2. Can I Get—
      • 3. Must I Wait—
    • The Time Element
    • Find Help
  • Problem Solve the Changeable
    • 4 Things I Can Change
    • Fix or Change
  • 3 Rules for Problem-Solving
    • 1. Accept the Problem
    • 2. Return to Coping When—
    • 3. Return to Problem-Solving When—
  • 5 Es of Problem-Solving
    • 1. Evolve Options
    • 2. Estimate Options
    • 3. Execute One Option
    • 4. Evaluate that Option’s Success
    • 5. Experiment with New Options
  • Cope with the Unchangeable
    • 4 Things I Cannot Change
    • Accept and Cope
  • 5 Stages of Coping
    • 1. Accept
    • 2. Non-Resistance
    • 3. Non-Interference
    • 4. Surrender
    • 5. Peace
  • 5 Levels of Coping
  • Reinforce 2 Healthy Options

Stress Solution Four: 3Rs

  • 3 Rs of Problem-Solving
    • 1. Recognize
    • 2. Remove
    • 3. Replace
  • Recognize Negative-Stress Thoughts
  • Remove Negative-Stress Thoughts
  • Replace Negative-Stress Thoughts
  • Ongoing Solutions
  • Practice Both-And Thinking

Stress Solution Five: Can and Will

  • Demanding Fails Twice
    • 2 Demand Failures
  • 3 Kinds of Stress Demands
    • 1. I Must, and I Can and Will
    • 2. I Must, but I Can’t
    • 3. I Must, but I Won’t
  • Stress Is “The” Control Issue
  • Recognize Control Failure As Negative Stress
  • Remove “Can’t” and “Won’t” Control Failures
  • Replace “Can’t” and “Won’t” with “Can” and “Will”
  • Stress Simplified

Stress Solution Six: FAM

  • Loser to Winner Continuum
  • Develop FAM: Frustration As Motivation

Stress Solution Seven: Stress on Goal

  • Stress As Need and Goal
    • Need Part of Stress
    • Goal Part of Stress
    • Stress on Success
    • Dialectic of Stress
    • Turn Stress Under
    • Cope With or Use Stress
  • Human Affinity for the Negative
  • Stress Opposite

Assorted Additions

  • General Thoughts
  • Stress Reduction
  • Stress Structures Time
  • No Excuses
  • General Suggestions
    • Ask Yourself:
  • Work Is Wonderful
    • Work Quotations
  • Effort for Problems Or Effort for Solutions
    • Effort for Problems
    • Effort for Solutions
  • Suffer Well
    • Suffer for Good, Bad, or Nothing
    • Suffer Well or Badly
    • Examples of Suffering Badly
    • Examples of Suffering Well
    • Suffer Down or Suffer Up
    • No Pain, No Gain
    • Pain for Health
    • Admire, Despise, Pity
    • Don’t Focus Suffering on Others
    • Not-ing Suffering
    • Test Suffering
    • Suffer One Way or Another
    • Christian Suffering
      • 3 Rules
    • Related Scripture Quotations


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