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Feeling-Intention Therapy


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Read Feeling-Intention Therapy to Discover—

  • FIT Incorporates REBT & CBT to Go Beyond Both
  • Master Your Intentions & Feelings
  • Master Your thoughts & Responses
  • 17 Diagrams & 8 Tables Make It Easy
  • Master Your Heart & Mind

New Comprehensive Therapy System

  • This book presents the most comprehensive model available for understanding human feelings, intentions, thoughts, and responses.
  • This book presents a new therapeutic system to advance the counseling profession.
  • However, anyone familiar with Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) or Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) will find it comparatively easy to understand because FIT subsumes and builds upon those two models.
  • We have made this book accessible for professional practitioners and those seeking personal improvement, self-help, and self-knowledge.
  • Do you dare face your inner demons?
  • Do you intend to overcome your inner demons? Then this book is for you.
  • Do you dare to prioritize the intention to be awake, aware, and alive? Then this book is for you.

Want to Finally Map and Understand Your Mind?

  • Are you consumed by a desire to fully understand the workings of your mind? Then this book is for you.
  • This book will help you to discover a revolutionary psychological approach for both self-help and professional help.

5 or 12 Factors Controlling Human Responses

  • Feeling-Intention Therapy (FIT) will teach you the twelve main factors controlling, influencing, and motivating human behavior.
  • However, you only need to focus on five to make your life better.
  • When you know and understand why you do what you do, you will also learn why other people do what they do.
  • When you understand why you did what you did, you can more effectively and efficiently improve what you do next time.
  • When you know how to change the factors controlling your behavior, you can help others change their behavior by teaching them to change the same factors.
  • When others see you living a centered and meaningful life, then they will want what you have.

Advanced & Exhaustive Psychology

  • Psychology has never been so complete or as clear and precise as it is in Feeling-Intention Therapy (FIT) because the order of psychological events is fully delineated.
  • While being a major advance in psychological understanding and application, FIT does not claim to work on biological or sociological issues except insofar as they are secondary issues and side effects of what FIT does address.
  • However, FIT is more than willing to work using a team approach wherein a group of professionals work together when helping a client, each one focusing on a different issue, communicating with and assisting each other as needed.

Practice Now for a Better Life Now

  • FIT provides the map. You provide the territory.
  • Your counseling practice provides the experience.
  • Your experience of receiving FIT counseling provides the evidence.
  • Your contribution provides the needed help for both the theory and others.

Free Preview of Feeling-Intention Therapy

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Table of Contents for Feeling-Intention Therapy

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