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Quotations: REBT & CBT Memes

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Memes that Teach About REBT & CBT Practices

“Our emotions are the result of our beliefs.” —Lie Yukou


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  • These memes are organized alphabetically by the title of the meme. The numbering starts at the top.

1. Meme: 3 Tests Prove Self-Esteem Is Insane Thinking

3 Tests Prove Self-Esteem Is Insane

2. Meme: 3Rs Used to Improve Actions & Behaviors

3Rs Switch Behaviors

3. Meme: 3Rs Used to Make Feelings Work Better for You

3Rs Used to Replace Feelings

4. Meme: 3Rs Used to Quiet Your Mind & Self-Talk

3Rs Switch from Self-Talk

5. Meme: 3Rs Used to Remove & Replace Crazy Thinking

3RS Used to Replace Thinking

6. Meme: 4 Basic Thinking Errors of the Ukraine System

Ukraine System of 4 Thinking Errors

7. Meme: 5TP to Understand Demands or Urges

5TP Table on Demands

8. Meme: 5TP Used to Understand Perspective-Taking Skill

5 Thinking Positions (5TP)

9. Meme: 6 Levels of Emotional Maturity

6 Levels of Emotional Responsibility

10. Meme: 6 Steps of Brief Therapy

focus on shit get shit

11. Meme: 7 Reasons Why You Are Emotionally Responsible

7 Reasons Why You Are Responsible

12. Meme: 7 Thinking Errors from Cognitive Therapy (CT)

7 Thinking Errors of CT

13. Meme: 8 Thinking Skills for Uprooting Thoughts

8 Thinking Skills for Detaching

14. Meme: 9 Basic Thinking Errors

9 Basic Thinking Errors

15. Meme: 10 Reasons REBT Is the Best Mainstream Therapy

10 Reason REBT Best Therapy

16. Meme: 10 REBT Must Scripts for Ruining Your Life

10 REBT Must Scripts for LIfe

17. Meme: 11 Irrational Beliefs According to REBT

11 Irrational Beliefs of REBT

18. Meme: 12 Steps of Brief Therapy

12 Steps Keep the Shit Going

19. Meme: “I” Statements Used to Teach REBT

Communicate with I messages

20. Meme: Use Preferences More than Shoulds

Preferences Are Usually Better Than Shoulds

21. Meme: REBT’s 4 Issues for Focus as an Interactive System

REBT issues as a system

22. Meme: REBT’s ABCs of Emotions Or A + B = C

REBT's ABCs of Emotions

23. Meme: STPHFR Diagram

  • (See Meme just below for a list of STPHFR’s 6 steps.)

STPHFR Infographic Explanation

24. Meme: STPHFR Or The 6 Steps of Feeling & Behaving

  • (See Meme just above for a diagram of how STPHFR works.)

STPHFR 6 Steps for Feelings

Memes to Help You Feel, Think, & Do Better in Life

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