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Stiffer: Stoic Mind


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Discover the System for a Stoic Mind—

  • How To Recognize a Stoic & Stiff-Mind
  • How To Remove a Weak Mind
  • How To Replace a Weak Mind with a Stiff-Mind
  • How To use the 3Rs for Freedom from Ego & Weakness
  • How to Use the 5TP for Perspective & Balance

DESCRIPTION: From Inside the Book

“This book is designed to stiffen your mind to injuries and insults to the point that you can learn to be psychologically free from them. The wisdom of the Stoics can be understood as, in practice, acquiring a stiff mind, mental attitude, or outlook. A stiff mind results in stoic calm and leaves one free to serve virtue despite hardships and struggles that distract and disturb minds that are not stiff or Stoic.

Won’t it be great to finally be able to ignore those who intend to hurt you for the purpose of manipulating or punishing you? Won’t it be great to have such a stiff outlook that nothing unimportant or useless can distract you from your chosen course? Yes, you can learn to bear the critics; and, more importantly, you can learn to stand your trials and tribulations to focus on and achieve your dreams.

We will be developing and exploring a revolutionary new paradigm, STPHFR, that will help you to map your mind in unheard-of productive ways. This new paradigm is an evolutionary development, and that evolution will be traced through this book. STPHFR works better than other mind-mapping methods because it provides a mapping structure (variables, sequence, impact) that better fits the workings of your mind.

The structure of this paradigm is neither too simplistic for reality nor too complicated for application. Moreover, it works more effectively and efficiently than other paradigms when adequately applied, implemented, and practiced.”

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