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Stiffer: Stoic Mind


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Discover the System for Developing a Stoic Mind—

  • How To Recognize a Stoic & Stiff-Mind
  • How To Remove a Weak Mind
  • How To Replace a Weak Mind with a Stiff-Mind
  • How To use the 3Rs for Freedom from Ego & Weakness
  • How to Use the 5TP for Perspective & Balance

Stiffen Your Mind  Stiffer: Stoic Mind

  • This book is designed to stiffen your mind to injuries and insults to the point that you can learn to be psychologically free from them. The wisdom of the Stoics can be understood as, in practice, acquiring a stiff mind, mental attitude, or outlook. A stiff mind results in stoic calm and leaves one free to serve virtue despite hardships and struggles that distract and disturb minds that are not stiff or Stoic.

End Emotional Manipulation  Stiffer: Stoic Mind

  • Won’t it be great to finally be able to ignore those who intend to hurt you for the purpose of manipulating or punishing you? Won’t it be great to have such a stiff outlook that nothing unimportant or useless can distract you from your chosen course? Yes, you can learn to bear the critics; and, more importantly, you can learn to stand your trials and tribulations to focus on and achieve your dreams.

Revolutionary System  Stiffer: Stoic Mind

  • We will be developing and exploring a revolutionary new paradigm, STPHFR, that will help you to map your mind in unheard-of productive ways. This new paradigm is an evolutionary development, and that evolution will be traced through this book. STPHFR works better than other mind-mapping methods because it provides a mapping structure (variables, sequence, impact) that better fits the workings of your mind.
  • The structure of this paradigm is neither too simplistic for reality nor too complicated for application. Moreover, it works more effectively and efficiently than other paradigms when adequately applied, implemented, and practiced.

Understand Emotions  Stiffer: Stoic Mind

  • This book explains how human emotions arise, are caused, and are chosen. Understanding emotions will help you in every area of your life. Taking responsibility for your emotions is the most empowering psychological viewpoint that you remain free to choose and use.
  • This book will provide you with a new and more in-depth understanding of emotions. You will be shown how ego feelings are always unreal (about your ego, not your self), while natural or non-ego feelings are often real (about your self, not your ego). The difference between unreal and real feelings will become clear from understanding the dynamics and mechanics of how emotions and feelings rise and fall.
  • For now, we will define unreal feelings as feelings that are based on delusions or illusions and real feelings as feelings that are based on reality or verifiable experiences.
  • One of the main mottoes of the book is: Feel for Real!

Increase Positive Feelings  Stiffer: Stoic Mind

  • By learning to increase your real feelings and to decrease your unreal feelings, you will also be increasing your authentic self and decreasing your delusional self, based on self-esteem. Self-esteem, ego, is about no-one and nobody, which is why the feelings it produces aren’t real.
  • To feel for real is to live in life instead of being lost in the delusions of thought and story worlds. If you are living in life instead of living in ego, then you are seeing reality as it is, not through the lens of some story your ego has built. You aren’t lost in concepts and images as if they were the realities that at best they can only point to, indicate, or describe.

Many Benefits  Stiffer: Stoic Mind

  • The book offers many other benefits, including insights on how your attention system works, how your survival system motivates you, and how you can best manage your internal life (sensations, feelings, thoughts) in order to have a happier and more productive life.
  • Additional information is provided on how expectations cause suffering, common feeling superstitions to avoid, and the three human superpowers. Enjoy!

Page Devoted to Handouts from  Stiffer: Stoic Mind

Diagram of STPHFR Model of Human Responses  Stiffer: Stoic Mind

  • The circles are interactive; however, it is best to read them clockwise.

STPHFR Model of Responses Diagram

Page for Downloading Handouts from  Stiffer: Stoic Mind

Free Preview of  Stiffer: Stoic Mind

Table of Contents for  Stiffer: Stoic Mind

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