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Problem Solved! 3Rs


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Read Problem Solved! 3Rs and You—

    • Discover How to Problem-Solve Simply
    • Discover How to Problem-Solve Completely
    • Discover How to Make Problem-Solving a Life Skill
    • Results: Let Others Whine While You Fix It
    • Results: Let Others Worry While You Fix It
    • Results: Let Others Waste Time While You Fix It

Problem-Solve with 3Rs in Problem Solved! 3Rs

  • This book is about how to problem-solve using the 3Rs (Recognize, Remove, Replace).
  • There are 31 illustrations counting tables.
  • The 3Rs is a three-step solution designed to promote effective and efficient problem-solving. While the 3Rs are most natural to apply and understand as a method of problem-solving, the 3Rs are not limited to applications involving problem-solving.

3Rs for Planning in Problem Solved! 3Rs

  • You can use the 3Rs to find closer approximations to some dream or ideal, to fix something that is broken or not working, to improve current business practices or systems, to make action plans for your life, to plan for change or disaster, and to cope with difficulties.

Chapter Contents in Problem Solved! 3Rs

  • A complete explanation of the 3Rs, along with definitions, is provided in the first chapter.
  • The second chapter provides examples of the 3Rs in practice.
  • The third chapter applies the 3Rs as a metatheory for counseling, shows how to use the 3Rs for relapse prevention and recovery, and demonstrates an advanced form of the 3Rs known as the 7Rs.
  • The fourth chapter applies the 3Rs to the issue of self-esteem and how to thrive despite self-esteem.
  • The fifth chapter helps with understanding and using emotions constructively.

Solutions that Work Long-Term in Problem Solved! 3Rs

  • In this book, you are encouraged to solve problems genuinely by not removing only symptoms, but by also removing the underlying intentions, maintainers, payoffs, reinforcements, supports, supporters, and sustainers for problems.
  • Examples of some of the issues addressed include: attitudes, ego, expectations, feelings, mental blocks, self-defeating habits, and self-esteem.

Understand Feelings in Problem Solved! 3Rs

  • A new paradigm or model for understanding feelings is also provided, and the 3Rs are applied to that model to help you to increase your healthy feelings and to reduce your unhealthy feelings.
  • Many tables are included throughout the book in order to simplify and reinforce your discovery, learning, and problem-solving skill development.
  • Referring to the tables can remind you of critical insights and the contents of entire sections, if not whole chapters.

Better Problem-Solving Now in Problem Solved! 3Rs

  • Better problem-solving produces better living and working. Solve problems better and live better today with the 3Rs.

Table of Contents for Problem Solved! 3Rs

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Example Table from Problem Solved! 3Rs

Table showing the 3Rs method.

“The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.” —Napoleon Hill

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” —Robert Schuller


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