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First Fix Problem about Problem

Problems with Problems Are the Problem

Problem-Solving Works with Right Focus

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“Better choose better.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” —Robert Schuller

How to Solve a Problem

  1. To solve a problem, first deal with your problem about the problem.
  2. To solve a problem, first deal with how poorly you treat the problem.
  3. To solve a problem, first deal with correcting your approach to the problem.
  4. To solve a problem, first deal with your problematic reactions and relationship to the problem.

Why Is Your Problem with Your Problem Most Important?

Your problem with your problem makes your problem worse by:

  • Adding to it.
  • Resorting to blaming and damning instead of problem-solving.
  • Resorting to anxiety or depression instead of coping.
  • Trying to change its reality.
  • Trying to control its reality.
  • Trying to deny or suppress it.
  • Or other ineffective methods that merely serve to continue and increase the problem from the outside.

Problem-Solve the Problem’s Problem

  1. Your problem with your problem is your problem’s best friend and supporter.
  2. Counter-intuitively, you’ll often find that your problem with your problem is just like it.
  3. Trying to fix a problem without first fixing the main problematic responses to it is like trying to roof a house before building that house.
  4. If you try to focus on a problem without first addressing the problematic way that the problem is treated, then despite your best efforts, you will fail to fix the problem.
  5. Working on the problems about a problem first is a systems approach versus a symptomatic approach that ignores the related and sustaining problems that occur along with a problem.

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