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Self: Who Am I?


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Read Self: Who Am I? to Discover—

    • How To Regain and Maintain Your Real Self
    • How To Recognize the Form and Nature of Self
    • How To Recognize the Structure of Self
    • How To Recognize the Friends and Enemies of Self

Self Is Being, Not Thinking in Self: Who Am I?

  • This book is about the form, nature, and structure of the human self.
  • The form, nature, and structure of being human are explored as a way for you to redirect to and re-own your true self.
  • The states of being of your natural self are explored as a way to help you to retreat to and return to your true nature.
  • The functions of self are explored as a way to help you to rediscover and reinforce your original self in action, awareness, and experience.

Knowledge and Directions for Discovery in Self: Who Am I?

  • This book provides you with knowledge and directions for rediscovering and being your natural self.
  • You can discover and understand what real self is and what real self is not.
  • You can discover how to focus on states of being that promote your authentic self.
  • Read and re-read this book to discover how to recognize and redirect your awareness and identity to your natural child-self.

Encourage Self and Block Ego in Self: Who Am I?

  • Learn to encourage original self-states of being rather than ego states of being.
  • Become aware of how to avoid the blocks and habits that work against awareness of your real self.
  • Know what environments and conditioning inhibit or deny your true self so that you can uproot, switch from, and replace them.
  • Make the right space in your life for authentic self, and authentic self will be revealed for you and rediscovered by you.

Self Is Not Lost or Missing in Self: Who Am I?

  • Self is not something that can be found, because self is not any thing.
  • If you seek what is not lost, then it becomes lost.
  • If you seek on a false path, then all you find is false.
  • When seeking true self, you do not want to seek something, or you will find some thing.

Self Is Not Concepts and Images in Self: Who Am I?

  • Self is not a concept, description, idea, image, label, term, thought, type, or personality.
  • Self is not a collection of characteristics, habits, tendencies, or traits.
  • Self is a living reality that can only be experienced.
  • Self is not composed of thinking; therefore, self cannot be found with thinking, cannot be found as thinking, and can never be known with thinking.

Choose Before You Seek in Self: Who Am I?

  • You must learn what to seek before you begin seeking, or your seeking will mislead you.
  • You will find what you seek.
  • “Seek and ye shall find,” says Matthew 7:7.
  • Therefore, seek your real self by learning about and contacting your real self in your daily life.

Find Self in Experience in Self: Who Am I?

  • Your real self is with you now.
  • Your real self is neither lost nor dead.
  • Rediscover your authentic self in your experience and emotions.
  • Find your original self in action.
  • Then seek to redirect your attention and identity to your natural self in all that you do.

Seek Self Where Self Is in Self: Who Am I?

  • You want to seek in the right direction or area.
  • You want to seek fish in the ocean, not in the desert.
  • You want to use the right tools.
  • You want to eat an apple with a knife, not a spoon.
  • Use this book for a path and direction back to your self.
  • Use this book for the tools it provides for just being again.
  • Right knowledge and right practice will guide you to re-owning your original nature.
  • Combine right knowledge with right practice and become whole again.
  • You can seek self as self, not as a concept, image, tendency, title, trait, or type.

Beliefs About Self in Self: Who Am I?

  • This book boldly presents the beliefs of FitzMaurice regarding self.
  • It is impossible for these beliefs not to include some of FitzMaurice’s beliefs regarding God and spirits.
  • You are free to reject, modify, or accept the beliefs presented as you see fit.
  • Likewise, FitzMaurice retains all of his rights for freedom of belief, speech, and expression.
  • While this book is designed to stand alone, you might find it more easily digested if you first read FitzMaurice’s Ego.

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