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Self-Nature Issues

7 Steps to Find Your Self

Free Information on Self-Nature Issues

• Ego will help you to recognize, remove, and replace your ego: a.k.a. self-esteem.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”–Dr. Seuss

“As for everyone with the four senses, their nature is one. That they are different in the way they use their minds is brought about by education.”–Confucius

  1. 3 Duties of Self-Realization
  2. 3 Errors & 3 Solutions
  3. 3Rs & Flow Recapturing
  4. 5 Keys of Spirituality
  5. Are You a Being or an Experience?
  6. Attachment & Detachment
  7. Becoming Is the Enemy
  8. Being & Mind
  9. Buddhism & Personality Styles
  10. Cause of Suffering
  11. Container Not Contents
  12. Danger: Psychological
  13. Destruction & Covering
  14. Doing & Rest
  15. Find Self
  16. Find Your Host Nature: 7 Steps
  17. Five Functions & Parts of Self
  18. Focus on 3 Truths for Right Identity
  19. “I” & Right Attachment
  20. Know, Do & Be to Live
  21. Knowing Self As Something
  22. Nature of Ego Pain & Pleasure
  23. Oneness
  24. Original Nature
  25. Praying Issues: Morning Reading
  26. Problem of Pleasure
  27. Psychological Time
  28. Roles As Masks
  29. Scripture by Topic: Ego Is The Problem
  30. Scripture by Topic: Equality or Humans Are Equal
  31. Scripture by Topic: Flesh Nature Is Human Nature
  32. Scripture by Topic: Good People Are the Bad People
  33. Scripture by Topic: Inner Quietude & Peace
  34. Scripture by Topic: Man Made in Image of God
  35. Scripture by Topic: Non-Doing
  36. Scripture by Topic: Original Human Nature
  37. Scripture by Topic: Pride Is Problem
  38. Scripture by Topic: Self Nature Is Image of God
  39. Scripture by Topic: Universality or One Human Nature
  40. Scripture by Topic: Vessel Nature of Human Beings
  41. Self: Model of
  42. Self Is Not Observer
  43. Self Is Relation to Experience
  44. Self Is Safe
  45. Self Is Single
  46. Self-Talk: Negate It
  47. Stimulation As Motivation
  48. Twenty Five Reasons Why You’re Not Self-Ratings
  49. Universality (shared human nature): Way of Peace

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