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Attitude Is All You Need! Second Edition


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Attitude Is All You Need! Second Edition

“He is an independent thinker and I would advise you to read some of his books, particularly Attitude Is All You Need! It will help you control your anxiety and overcome other emotional problems”–Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

  • The founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Albert Ellis, was voted the second-most influential psychologist of all time by the American Psychological Association (APA). Dr. Ellis devoted a chapter to Attitude Is All You Need! in his book How to Control Your Anxiety Before It Controls You.

Choose to Discover & Learn–

  • Rules to Rule Your Attitude & Life
  • What Are Winning Attitudes?
  • How to Choose Your Attitude
  • How to Regain Your Attitude Power

To Be Concise–

  • The book is about Attitude Power (AP). From reading it, you will discover how to increase your Attitude Power and how to decrease your attitudinal deficiencies and weaknesses.
  • Don’t you think that the time and energy spent on improving your attitude is worth the benefits to your relationships and career?

“Nor, again, can the will be right without a right attitude of mind; for this is the source of will.” —Seneca

Cycle of Motivation Based on the Book

motivation cycle in 6 steps

8 Features & Benefits

  1. Feature #1: Attitude Power helps you to become more aware of your attitudes and the effects your attitudes have on you, your competence, relationships, and stress.
  2. Benefit #1: Your awareness of your attitudes allows you to switch from ineffective or damaging attitudes to effective or helpful attitudes. Attitude Power can be used to lower your stress by helping you to choose a less stressful attitude.
  3. Feature #2: Attitude Power helps you to become responsible for your attitudes and stress. Responsibility regains control lost to victimhood.
  4. Benefit #2: Your responsibility for your attitudes allows you to regain your personal power and to take charge of your attitudes. When you are feeling stress, you are more likely to look for internal methods of dealing with the stress than to blame uncontrollable external sources; hence, you are better able to lower your stress.
  5. Feature #3: Attitude Power helps you to choose the most effective attitude for the situation. You learn also to choose to choose again after testing the results of your attitude choices.
  6. Benefit #3: You can cope more effectively because your attitude not only does not get in the way of your coping–your attitude helps you deal effectively with the situation. Your stress is lower as you are more effective. You achieve more of what you want to achieve by choosing the attitude that will help you the most.
  7. Feature #4: Attitude Power teaches the practice of acceptance when you cannot change things for the better. Acceptance overcomes stress.
  8. Benefit #4: You are free of bad stress.You do not let bad stress get worked out on your body, which leads to medical problems. You allow good stress to get things done. You switch from bad stress to prevent apathy, burnout, conflicts, cynicism, disease, fights, and illness.

Rules for your attitude

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Start to Regain Your Attitude Power Now Using Simple Habits & Clear Methods!

Answer These Questions for Yourself

  • How can I change my attitude?
  • How can I control my attitude?
  • How can I have a better attitude?
  • How can I improve my attitude?
  • How can I restrain my attitude?
  • How can I rule my attitude?
  • How do I improve my attitude?
  • What is a good attitude?

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