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Breathe (Breathe Your Mind)


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Table of Contents for the book BREATHE

Choose to Discover & Learn–

  • Stress Is Stopped in 4 Seconds
  • How To Practice Instant Yoga or Mindfulness
  • Instantly Short-Circuit Anger & Temper
  • Instantly Change Your Attitude & Response
  • How To Do Anything Tapping, EMDR, TFT, or EFT Does–Faster, Easier & Better

Instant Yoga & Mindfulness

The first step of Yoga is centering your awareness in your body in order to get your awareness out of your thinking mind. The second step of Yoga is to then move your awareness from your body into your sensing mind. M-M is the practice of Instant Yoga because M-M moves your awareness out of your thinking mind directly into your sensing mind through your body. We still recommend yoga classes for their health and other benefits such as free yoga in Portland, OR.

The Living Breathe

  • This book will teach you how to use your breath to center.
  • To be centered is to be fully connected.
  • To be fully connected is to be sane in an insane world.
  • The method is called Mind-Move (M-M).
  • You can M-M anytime, anywhere, and no one will know.

By persistently practicing Mind-Move you will become good at it. The point of practice is so that you can easily Mind-Move under stress, distress, or duress. Mind-Move can center you so that you perform well under stress, distress, and duress. Musicians, athletes, and dancers all continually practice so that they can perform their exercises under pressure. You would do well to follow their example by practicing your Mind-Move exercises daily.

10 Benefits from Practicing Mind-Move


Mind-Move (M-M) is likely the easiest and fastest method you will ever find to help you cope with stress, relax, sleep, meditate, strengthen your mind, improve concentration, let go of baggage, find internal balance, increase resiliency, meet counseling goals, and meet your life goals in constructive ways. While some report taking only minutes to benefit from the exercise, others report taking only seconds. Turbocharge your current exercises and practices with M-M.

  1. You relax easier and faster.
  2. You meditate easier and deeper.
  3. You feel more balanced in your being.
  4. You feel more grounded in your being.
  5. You have more peace inside and outside.
  6. You have better concentration and more mindfulness.
  7. You practice more productive problem-solving and coping.
  8. You have more productive stress and less destructive stress.
  9. You have more productive emotional and relational attitudes.
  10. From practice, the basic exercise works for you in four seconds.

DIAGRAM OF LOOPING: Use M-M to Stop Looping

Diagram of how we loop between brains.

4 Second to M-M Heart & Mind into Alignment

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4 Second Breathing Exercise Stops Stress. Practice M-M & Live Stress-Free Now!

Discover Now How to Use M-M to End Stress

  • How to conquer stress.
  • How to defeat stress.
  • How to eliminate stress.
  • How to live free of stress.
  • How to reduce stress.
  • How to remove stress.


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