Ego (Mind Your Ego)

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Read Ego to Discover—

  • The best system and plan anywhere.
  • Ready to Do the Work?
  • How To End Ego
  • How To Find Your Authentic Self
  • How To Free Your Mind and Heart

Reduce & End Ego: Read Ego

  • This book is the first of its kind in the world.
  • You will discover the real root of ego.
  • You will learn how to apply Western psychology to remove ego now.

Drop Ego Now: Read Ego

  • Instead of spending twenty years meditating to drop the ego, you can now uproot ego as fast as you are willing and able.
  • The practices and plans in this book work with any ancient practices you are now using or might use in the future.
  • Get the freedom from the ego you want now!

7 Step Plan to End Ego: Read Ego

  • This book provides you with a Seven-Step Plan to overcome the biggest problem in adult life: your ego.
  • You will discover how ego hampers your goals, health, and happiness.
  • You will be motivated to live free of ego and to return to your original nature.
  • You will realize how to recognize, remove, and replace ego.
  • You will develop three plans to live sane in an insane world.

How the Plan Works: Read Ego

  • In Step One, you discover how ego is the main problem in your life and the differences between ego and self.
  • In Step Two, you learn how you keep ego alive in favor of self.
  • In Step Three, you realize how to remove your methods for maintaining ego.
  • In Step Four, you determine how to remove ego from your life.
  • In Step Five, you discern how to replace ego with your authentic self.
  • In Step Six, you understand how to replace your supports for the ego with supports for self.

Step Seven of the Plan: Read Ego

  • In Step Seven, you learn how to develop three plans to make it all work.
  • Plan #1 is an action plan to follow Steps 1–6.
  • Plan #2 is a relapse plan to keep you on your action plan.
  • Plan #3 is a recovery plan to get you back on your action and relapse plans if you fall off them.

Serious Students Only: Read Ego

  • Are you teachable?
  • Are you serious about giving up ego now?
  • Are you ready, open, and willing to learn how to give up the ego?
  • Buy are read mind your Ego today!
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  3. Hardback ISBN: 979-8-510908-71-8
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