Fast-Facts from Stiffer: Stoic Mind

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Fast-Facts STIFFER: Stoic Mind

Fast-Facts Stiffer. This page collects all 17 Fast-Facts from the book Stiffer to provide easy reference & discovery for our readers.

“All things are subject to interpretation; whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” —Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” —Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Meditations

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Fast-Facts from Stiffer

01. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: 3Rs Problem-Solving Method

The 3Rs Problem-Solving Method

02. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: 5Fs Survival Reactions & Responses

The 5Fs of the Survival Instinct

03. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: 5TP Example Table for Perspective Taking

5 Thinking Positions for Perspective Taking

04. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: 5TP Example Terms for Each Position

5TP or 5 Thinking Position Word Choice Examples

05. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: 6 Reasons You Are Not STPHFRs

6 Facts About Your Relationship with Your STPHFRs

06. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: 7 Thinking Errors from Aaron Beck & CT

7 Thinking Errors from Aaron Beck & CT

07. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: 8 Switching Skills to Replace Trying to Control

8 Thinking Skills to Use for Switching Your Thinking

08. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: 11 Irrational Beliefs from Albert Ellis & REBT

11 Irrational Beliefs from REBT

09. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: 13 Common Superstitious-Beliefs about Feelings

13 Common Feeling Superstitions

10. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: ACPD Thinking Errors & STPHFRs

ACPD Thinking Errors Explained for Use with STPHFR

11. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: Healthy & Unhealthy Feelings Contrasted

Table Contrasting Healthy and Unhealthy Feelings

12. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: FIDOC or How Your Attention Is Grabbed

FIDOC or How Your Attention Is Demanded

13. Fast-Facts 2019: STIFFER: STPHFR 5 Intervention & Choice Points

STPHFR Provides 5 Intervention and Choice Points

14. Fast-Facts 2019: STPHFR Model with Easy Explanations

STPHFR Model Explained In Simple Sentences

15. Fast-Facts 2017: S-T-P-H-F-R Model Infographic Explanation

STPHFR Model Explained with Infographic

16. Fast-Facts 2019: STPHFR Worksheet Example Using the 3Rs

STPHFR Worksheet With Example Answers

17. Fast-Facts 2019: STPHFR Worksheet for Mapmaking & 3Rs

STPHFR Worksheet Blank for Mapmaking Using 3Rs

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Fast-Facts from Stiffer

Fast-Facts by Topic: Help You Feel, Think, & Do Better in Life

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  • Read and discover how CBT, REBT, & Stoicism evolved into one system: STPHFR.


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  • Read and discover how CBT, REBT, & Stoicism evolved into one system: STPHFR.

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