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Self Is Relation to Experience

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Find Self in Relationship

  • Ego will help you to recognize, remove, and replace your ego: a.k.a. self-esteem.


  • Self is your relation to your experience.
  • Self is the vessel touched by the contents.
  • Self is the container feeling the contained.
  • Self is the receiver relating to the received.
  • Self is the host being affected by the hosted.


Find your self by looking for self as the response to hosting.

  • Your self is the response that you feel when you contain something internally.
  • Your self is both the container of the contents and your sensations of the contents.
  • Your self is both the host and the stimulation that you feel from the hosted.

Self is the host, but the life of self is the stimulation of the host by what you host.

Self is the container and since self is a living container, it feels what it contains. These feelings are the expression of self and so self.

When you think you are something, you still have a response to that false identity. It is your response that is your real self and not the image or concept of self that you have mistakenly identified with. If you were that image, how would it be responding to itself?

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Quotations from Various Sources

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” —Leonardo da Vinci

“Those who have no accumulation, who eat with perfect knowledge, whose sphere is emptiness, singleness, and liberation, are hard to track, like birds in the sky. Those whose compulsions are gone, who are not attached to food, whose sphere is emptiness, singleness, and liberation, are hard to track, like birds in the sky.” —Dhammapada, 7:3-4

“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” —Genesis 9:6