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Ego Issues: Help to Reduce

Three Main Ego Problems

Free Information on Ego, Pride, & Shame Related Issues

  • Ego will help you to recognize, remove, and replace your ego: a.k.a. self-esteem.

“Self-esteem is the modern name for ego, for the delusion that is at the core of all misery.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

“It’s better to be a person for a day than to be a shadow for a 1,000 days.” —Chinese proverb

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” —Aristotle

Pages to Help You Reduce Ego for a Saner & Happier Life

  1. 2 Kinds of Ego Disturbance & Comfort
  2. 3 Ego Problems Contain Most Problems
  3. 5 Step Solution to Ego
  4. Animated & Emotionalized Thoughts
  5. Attachment & Detachment
  6. Becoming Is the Enemy
  7. Being Mind As Inner Container
  8. Better Half of Ego Is Pride
  9. Buddhism & Personality Styles
  10. Cause of Suffering
  11. Container Not Contents
  12. Daily Dose of Discernment: Self-Talk Collection
  13. Danger: Psychological
  14. Destruction & Covering
  15. Diagram: Model of the Self
  16. Dilemma of Ego & Duality
  17. Doing & Rest
  18. Ego & Self-Esteem: Memes
  19. Ego Definitions: Same As Self-Esteem Definitions
  20. Ego Maintained by Thinking: Table
  21. Ego Maintains Fights
  22. Faith & Ego
  23. Find Self: How to
  24. Find Self as Your Host Nature
  25. Five Actions of Ego
  26. Five Functions & Parts of Self
  27. Four Kinds of Ego
  28. “I” & Right Attachment
  29. Identity & Ego
  30. Know-Better Payoffs for Pride
  31. Mind & Ego
  32. Morning Reading
  33. Nine Fundamental Thinking Errors
  34. No Ego Pain, No Fear for Self
  35. Oneness: Self Is One & Ego Is Many
  36. Original Nature Is Child Nature
  37. Payoffs for Ego
  38. Plans from the book Mind Your Ego
  39. Pleasure & Pain for Ego
  40. Political Polarization Is a Form of Ego Polarization
  41. Pride Half of Ego
  42. Problem of Pleasure
  43. Psychological Time
  44. Quotations on Ego & Becoming
  45. Self Is Relation to Experience
  46. Self Is Safe
  47. Self Is Single
  48. Self: Model of
  49. Self-Talk: Negate It
  50. Shame Half of Ego
  51. Shoulds = Pride Payoff
  52. Tripartite Nature of Ego
  53. Tripartite Structure of Ego
  54. Waiting Is the Answer
  55. Waiting Spiritual Practice in 3 Steps
  56. Worry As Ego Payoffs
  57. Worse Half of Ego

Related Pages

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  2. Blame Issues: Damning, Shoulds & Ego
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  4. Poems by Topic: Be Me
  5. Poems by Topic: Reflections
  6. Poems by Topic: Somebody Please
  7. Poems by Topic: List of Pages
  8. Quotations by Topic: Ego & Becoming
  9. Scripture by Topic: Ego
  10. Scripture by Topic: Flesh Nature
  11. Scripture by Topic: Inner Quietude
  12. Scripture by Topic: Original Nature
  13. Scripture by Topic: Rest
  14. Scripture by Topic: Vessel Nature
  15. Self-Esteem Issues: Freud’s Ego Defense Mechanisms
  16. Self-Esteem Issues: High in Low
  17. Self-Esteem Issues: List of Pages
  18. Thinking Skills: Eastern Psychology
  19. Thinking Skills: Know, Do, Be Thinking
  20. Thinking Skills: Meditation Right Kind
  21. Thinking Skills: Spirituality: What is it?

Ego & Self-Esteem Menu: 3 Sections (Including this Section #1)

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