Sinners Anonymous: Group Rules, 2nd Ed.

Sinners Anonymous: Group Rules, 2nd Ed.

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Rediscover Ancient Christianity

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Sinners Anonymous: Group Rules, 2nd Ed. is for building Christian support groups and communities.

Rediscover Ancient Christian Practices

  • How to Practice Christianity
  • How to Follow Christ’s Teachings
  • How to Read the Bible
  • How to Interpret the Bible
  • How to Find the Right Way

Scripture Lists: Sinners Anonymous: Group Rules, 2nd Ed.

  • Scripture Is Easy & True
  • Scripture Describes Believers
  • How to Interpret Scripture
  • How to Hold a Christian Service
  • Christians & Communism

Share Christianity & Make a Better World: Sinners Anonymous: Group Rules, 2nd Ed.

  • Start Support Groups for Christianity
  • Rules for Support Groups
  • Skills for Support Groups
  • Resources for Support Groups
  • Start Communities for Christianity
  • Resources for Communities

Short Description of the Book from Sinners Anonymous: Group Rules, 2nd Ed.

  • This book contains instructions for forming and holding support groups for Christians.
  • The material in this book can also be found in The Seventh Way, Second Edition.
  • The Seventh Way, 2nd Ed is available on Amazon and Google Play in various formats (ebook, paperback, hardback, audiobook).
  • This book focuses on evil and sin existing in the form of self-constructions.
  • The actions of sin are considered the acceptance, sharing, and promotion of self-constructions.
  • Life Skills: 10 Spiritual Skills and Spiritual Surrender’s Seven Steps will develop your spiritual skills.
Sinners Anonymous: Group Rules, 2nd Ed.
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International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

  1. Ebook ISBN: 978-1-878693-57-0
  2. Paperback ISBN: 979-8-353080-33-6
  3. Hardback ISBN: 979-8-353080-49-7
Sinners Anonymous: Group Rules, 2nd Ed.
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