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“The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.” —Proverbs 12:15

“A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education.” —Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the USA

Note on the Lists

  • The lists are not meant to be exhaustive or always complete.
  • Please feel free to update and correct them.

Scripture Is Reliable

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2 Timothy 3:16

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Pages Organizing Bible Quotation to Help You Live Under God

  • Topics are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Quotations are listed in Biblical order.

  1. 4 Commandments of the Apostles
  2. Anger & Wrath: Overcome
  3. Anxiety & Worry: Overcome
  4. Atheism & Atheists
  5. Belief: What It Is
  6. Bible Is Literal Word of God
  7. Blood—Do Not Eat
  8. Children: Rules for Children & Parents
  9. Christianity: Modern Is False Christianity
  10. Christianity: What Christians Look Like
  11. Churchianity: 57 Reasons Is False
  12. Correction: Good to Seek from God
  13. Counsel: Seek Good Advice
  14. Damning & Despising: Avoid
  15. Depression: Overcome
  16. Do Not Make Images of God
  17. Ego: The Problem
  18. Equality: Humans Are Equal
  19. Evil Hides As Good
  20. Fasting & Detaching
  21. Faith: What It Is
  22. Flesh Nature: Human Nature
  23. Forgiveness: Practice
  24. Freedom: Spiritual Liberty
  25. God’s Limits: Because He Is Real
  26. Good People Are the Bad People
  27. Good Comes only from God
  28. Gossip: Avoid
  29. Guilt & Shame: Good & Bad
  30. Homosexuality & Sodomy: Not Accepted
  31. Human Nature
  32. Idolatry: Make No Representation of God
  33. Inner Quietude: Peace & Rest
  34. Judging: Judge Thoughts, Not People
  35. Know: The Problem of Claiming to Know
  36. Light: The Power of
  37. Man Made in Image of God
  38. Man’s Opinions Worthless
  39. Marriage & Parenting
  40. Non-Doing & Rest
  41. One Human Nature
  42. Original Nature: Human Nature
  43. Parenting: Raising Children
  44. Peace & Rest: Seek
  45. Praise Only God
  46. Prayer: When & Where to Pray
  47. Praying & Pray Without Ceasing
  48. Pride: The Problem of
  49. Rest: Rely on God
  50. Satan: The Devil
  51. Self Nature
  52. Self-Esteem: The Problem of
  53. Shame & Guilt: Good or Bad
  54. Starve it Out: Detach & Fast
  55. Temptation: Advice on
  56. Ten Commandments: Real Ones
  57. Test & Verify Everything
  58. The Secret of Life
  59. Trusting versus Trying
  60. Universality: One Human Nature
  61. Vegetarian Diet
  62. Vessel Nature of Human Beings
  63. Weakness: Seek in Relation to God

  • Read for a scripture-based understanding of who we are.

Note on Bible Translation

  • The Authorized King James Version of the Bible has been used for all Biblical quotations on this website.
  • The Authorized King James Version of the Bible was published in 1611 but was copied and misprinted so many times that the original translation became damaged. After twenty years of work, the 1760 Cambridge edition was put forth as an accurate version of the King James. Moreover, in 1769, the Oxford edition based on the Cambridge edition came to be the accepted standard for King James printings.
  • We prefer the AKJV even though it was not the first English translation because it used more than one translator (some say more than forty-seven were used) and the widest possible range of source texts (many more than previous translations). Furthermore, translating the Bible into English was such a monumental event at the time that other considerations were rarely primary.
  • Since the King James Version, many translations have had theology and culture as primary guides for translating original texts. Is the AKJV without fault or bias? No. However, the AKJV is likely the most reliable version we shall ever get. Still, similar claims are made for other translations. In the end, you should read the translations that you hear God speaking through.
  • A practical reason for using the AKJV is that you do not have to worry about copyright issues.

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  • Read for a scripture-based understanding of who we are.

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