Life Skills: 10 Spiritual Skills

Life Skills: 10 Spiritual Skills

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10 Must-Have Spiritual Skills

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Life Skills: 10 Spiritual Skills is the book to improve and take your spiritual life to the next level. Love God more now.

Discover 10 Spiritual Skills You Must-Have

  • How to Relate Better to God
  • How to Work to Please God
  • How to Meditate Better
  • How to Pray Better
  • How to Live Spiritually

10 Skills Every Adult Must-Have for a Spiritual Life

  • Perhaps you are working on your physical fitness.
  • But are you working on your spiritual fitness?
  • Do you know what spiritual fitness is?
  • Do you know how to have great spiritual fitness?

Discover the Benefits of Spiritual Fitness

  • Did you know that your spiritual fitness affects health more than physical fitness?
  • Did you know that your spiritual fitness is the key to finding and keeping healthy relationships?
  • Did you know that spiritual fitness is the surest way to success in your career, school, hobbies, interests, and work?

Develop 10 Spiritual Skills for a Better Life

  • Understand spiritual fitness by understanding ten skills that are the foundation of spiritual health.
  • Discover how to be more aware of your ego.
  • Discover how to map and test your ego.
  • Discover how ego blocks happiness and coping.
  • Discover how to lessen and remove your ego.

Discover Your Spiritual Power Using 10 Skills

  • Become aware of your spiritual life.
  • Own your feelings and life using responsibility.
  • Learn to switch problems off.
  • Learn to stop trying to be good.
  • Discover the power of detachment.
  • Master the art of negation.
  • End self-esteem games.
  • Unconditionally surrender to God.
  • Overcome the blocks to living spiritually.

Share the 10 Skills to Make the World Better

  • Start support groups for learning the skills.
  • Teach the skills as a Life Coach.
  • Ask your counselor to teach the skills.
  • Ask your minister to teach the skills.
  • Date only people who practice the skills.

Short Description of the Book from the Book

  • Education is an odd business because even educated people can be ignorant of life and spiritual skills.
  • For example, you can have a Master’s degree and still have never been taught the skill of thinking critically or “how” to think. Instead, you typically only learn “what to think and regurgitate.”
  • Life Skills: 10 Spiritual Skills focuses on teaching you ten spiritual skills that will improve your relationships, career, general success in life, and your communication with God.
  • Once you understand the skills and persistently practice them, you will notice improvements in all areas of your spiritual life.
  • The book’s message is simple: using the life skills taught in this book will make your life more spiritual.
  • Once you achieve that, you can pay it forward and teach those same skills to everyone you can to help them live more spiritually.
  • If you wish to understand better or develop the spiritual skills that most inspire or intrigue you, you can pursue the materials recommended throughout the book.
  • In particular, you should also read Life Skills: 10 Mental Skills because it is the foundation for this book.
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