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The Seventh Way, Second Edition

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Rediscover Ancient Christianity

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The Seventh Way, 2nd Edition will bring back Christianity from being destroyed by men's teachings to being loved for Christ's teachings.

Read the Seventh Way, Second Edition

  • How to Practice Christianity
  • How to Follow Christ’s Teachings
  • How to Read the Bible
  • How to Interpret the Bible
  • How to Find the Right Way

Spiritual Life Is Not Violent

  • Repression Is Violence
  • Aggression Is Violence
  • Depression Is Violence
  • Presumption Is Violence
  • Destruction Is Violence
  • Promotion Is Violence

Practice the Seventh Way

  • Flee Evil
  • Resist Evil
  • Meditate Evil Out
  • Freedom from Evil
  • Freedom from Violence

Four-Valued Thinking

  • Understand Spiritual Errors
  • Understand Ego
  • Focus on Solutions

Scripture Lists

  • Scripture Is Easy & True
  • Scripture that Describes Believers
  • How to Interpret Scripture
  • How to Hold a Christian Service
  • Christians & Communism

Share Christianity & Make the World Better

  • Start Support Groups for Christianity
  • Start Communities for Christianity
  • Live a Godly Life

Short Description of the Book from the Book

  • This book is a Christian exposition on having the right relationship with God.
  • This right relationship is explained through having the right relationship with your identity, mind, and thoughts.
  • The understandings expressed herein apply to other spiritual practices despite emphasizing the Christian path.
  • In particular, the preferred way of being promoted herein (The Seventh Way) is helpful for those who meditate, seek to be present or mindful, and eliminate their ego.
  • This book focuses on evil and sin existing in the form of self-constructions.
  • The actions of sin are considered the acceptance, sharing, and promotion of self-constructions.
  • However, this book does not claim that focusing on self-constructions as the source of evil is the only way to focus on evil or sin.
  • To understand better and develop the spiritual skills taught in this book, you should also read Life Skills: 10 Spiritual Skills.
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  1. Ebook ISBN: 978-1-878693-56-3
  2. Paperback ISBN: 979-8-848986-47-1
  3. Hardback ISBN: 979-8-848987-53-9
The Seventh Way, Second Edition
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