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Satan Stories

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Satan Stories: The Truth About Satan

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Satan Stories: The Facts They Are Not Telling You

  • Satan’s Other Names
  • Satan’s Appearance
  • Satan’s Desire
  • Satan’s Nature
  • Satan’s Powers
  • Satan’s Story
  • Satan & God

Christian Culture

  • We will bring Christianity back to life.
  • Discover the 4 Commandments of the Apostles.
  • Understand how Christians foolishly use idols.
  • Don’t eat blood or strangled meats.
  • How to raise children.
  • Jesus versus Muhammad.
  • Proper physical appearance.
  • Tattoos and immodesty are forbidden.

God Is a Spirit

  • God cannot lie.
  • God cannot sin.
  • God cannot be tempted.
  • Only God is good.
  • All good is from God.

How to Interpret Scripture

  • God said what He meant to say.
  • God meant what He said.
  • God’s Word is eternal.
  • God is direct and honest.
  • God is reliable and trustworthy,

How to Live a Christian Life

  • How to hold a Christian service.
  • Christian communities.
  • Bishops and deacons.
  • Right government.
  • No idolatry.

Description from the Book

  • This book is about how the Bible describes Satan; for example, he was evil from the beginning, and what the Bible says about his story. Christian culture occupies the largest chapter in the book and is modified from previous books. Topics include the commandments of the Apostles and the proper physical appearance in society.
  • A chapter on the nature of God follows the chapter on culture. Next is a chapter on the use of idols and how people love to lie about their idol usage. Instructions on how to and how not to interpret scripture compose the next chapter, followed by a chapter on how to hold a Christian service or meeting. Also, information designed to help you start a Christian community is provided.
  • The purpose of this book is to assist in bringing back to life Christianity. We differentiate Christianity from Chruchianity and religions claiming to be Christian. For example, those who extort money from you with guilt, shame, and false promises to build their own wealth, power, and legacy are neither honest Christians nor true believers.
  • This book focuses on the Christian story of Satan.
  • To develop your spiritual skills, read Life Skills: 10 Spiritual Skills and Spiritual Surrender’s Seven Steps.
  • To rediscover the Christian life, read The Seventh Way, Second Edition, Christian Idols, and Christian Scripture.

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  1. Christian Idols
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Satan Stories: Discover the Truth about Satan

Satan Stories book cover
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Satan Stories: Discover the Truth about Satan

Satan Stories book cover

Satan Stories
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Satan Stories: Discover the Truth about Satan

Satan Stories book cover