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Daily Posts of Kevin’s Quotations to Twitter (2018)

Twitter quotations 2018 from Daily Dose of Discernment on topics such as psychology, sociology, and spirituality.

  • Ego will help you to recognize, remove, and replace your ego: a.k.a. self-esteem.

Note on This Collection

  • This page is a list of quotation postings to Twitter, based upon Daily Dose of Discernment: 2018.
  • The author quit Twitter on 2018/12/25 after it had become undeniable that freedom of speech, diversity of opinion, and discussion of ideas were against the political aims of Twitter.

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#Value #Life: 2018-12-25

5. Even the comically and mathematically absurd fantasy of multifaceted life coming from dead evolution requires that life is the motivation for life. More:

#Start #Working: 2018-12-24

1. The answer is stop whining and start working. More:

#Awareness #Blocked: 2018-12-23

3. People have psychological payoffs and rewards that they defend against being aware of. More:

#Deconstruct #Constructed: 2018-12-22

2. Depression is a set of constructed attitudes, and what is constructed can be deconstructed. More:

#Method #Blame: 2018-12-21

3. Hate the methods and systems for damning and judging people, not the prideful damner. More:

#Problem #Practices: 2018-12-20

2. Hate the practices of self-becoming, not the self-absorbed. More:

#Hate #Process: 2018-12-19

4. Hate the process of foolishness, not the fool. More:

#Know #Facts: 2018-12-18

1. Facts are not knowing. More:

#Learn #Counseling: 2018-12-17

4. How to develop the two types of perspective-taking. More:

#Negative #Content: 2018-12-16

•1 Self-esteem a.k.a. ego has two goals: (1) prevent becoming negative mental content; (2) work to become positive mental content. More:

#See #Thinking: 2018-12-15

•1 You see your thinking as if it was what you were seeing on the outside. More:

#Piano #Self: 2018-12-14

•1 Be the piano, not the music. More:

#Fallible #Human: 2018-12-13

•3 Fallibility is reality More:

#Earnest #Sincere: 2018-12-12

•5 If your word means nothing, then you mean nothing. More:

#Hurt #Self: 2018-12-11

•1 If you think they are ignorant or stupid, then why do you use their words to hurt yourself? More:

#Mind #Matters: 2018-12-10

•4 The more something matters the more it is mind and not matter. More:

#Parenting #Teaching: 2018-12-09

•4 Parenting at all stages works to teach that emotional responsibility supersedes behavioral responsibility and cognitive responsibility. More:

#Other #Mirror: 2018-12-08

•3 If you don’t like the way someone is talking to you, then chances are you need to stop talking to yourself that way. More:

#Human #Nature: 2018-12-07

•2 Human nature can make no changes or progress. More:

#Accept #Meditation: 2018-12-06

•4 Meditation without acceptance is another ego control-strategy. More:

#Self #Refutation: 2018-12-05

•1 Self-esteem is self-refutation. More:

#Validate #Knowledge: 2018-12-04

•1 Knowledge before experience must be doubted until validated by experience. More:

#Know #Place: 2018-12-03

•1 To know your place is to have humility. More:

#Expert #Hiding: 2018-12-02

•1 Some people practice becoming an expert at escaping their thoughts a.k.a. too busy to notice their thoughts. More:

#Reframe #Covering: 2018-12-01

•1 Instead of pushing a thought out of your awareness (suppression), focus on waiting it out. More:

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#Blame #Thinking: 2018-11-30

•4 When things just won’t work out or come together, look for your trying to lead with or follow thought to get them done and blame that process instead of scapegoating your personhood. More:

#Know #Failing: 2018-11-29

•1 When you try to know what you are doing, then you fail because you are relying on thought to know. More:

#Thought #Fail: 2018-11-28

•5 Thought cannot do because only Energy can do; therefore, when you put thought in charge or first, then you will find failure and mistakes at every turn. More:

#Start #Inner: 2018-11-27

•4 Detaching from a problem requires that you stop identifying with it, personalizing it, or seeing yourself at the center of that problem’s story. More:

#Realize #Other: 2018-11-26

•1 You demand other people change not realizing how little you change and how hard you find it to change your habits. More:

#Fear #Failure: 2018-11-25

•1 Your fear of failure is failure by default. More:

#Calm #Mind: 2018-11-24

•5 Without a calm mind to face an issue you might find that the issue increases your unwillingness to face and go through the issue because you have not yet dealt with your motives and payoffs for having the issue. More:

#Stage #Play: 2018-11-23

•2 People are an internal stage where the audience becomes the actors, and the actors become the stage. More:

#Grateful #Unworthy: 2018-11-22

•3 Grateful for God’s forgiveness and mercy even though I cannot be worthy of either. More:

#Internal #Action: 2018-11-21

•3 Internal loops, repetitions, and ruminations are not internal actions because they change nothing else. More:

#Respond #Act: 2018-11-20

•4 Test and examine for yourself if you have any internal actions that are more than amplifying, hosting, or repeating some emotions or thoughts—remember actions have impact and results that are more than mirroring or restating. More:

#Stick #Figures: 2018-11-19

•4 Adults play with dolls too, but their dolls are mental stick figures that they dress and redress with self-concepts. More:

#Time #Spent: 2018-11-18

•5 If you are you lost in ego games, then you will live eternity in ego games but without any coverings such as darkness or pleasure. More:

#Professional #Phonies: 2018-11-17

•5 Professional scientists refuse to police their own to enforce ethics that would prevent the horrors science continues to unleash upon the world. More:

#Today #Choose: 2018-11-16

•5 Today you can support activities that are more good than bad because you understand that activities that are all good are also few and far between. More:

#Silent #Still: 2018-11-15

•5 When you claim nothing, wait on God, and keep all in the Light, then you are living in a state of pure meditation. More:

#Ghost #Character: 2018-11-14

•1 How is the character development of your internal ghost, a.k.a. your self-esteem conglomerate, coming along? More:

#Choice #Nature: 2018-11-13

•5 All things choose their own nature unless an outside force is applied to make them choose against themselves. More:

#Know #Better: 2018-11-12

•5 Step five in the game of knowing better is to see self as knowing better than the other and therefore as doing and being better than the other (ego pleasure, high self-esteem, pride). More:

#Return #Remain: 2018-11-11

•3 The self must return and remain under the source while what the self hosts must unfold in the light. More:

#Silent #Self: 2018-11-10

•4 The nature of self is emptiness because the nature of the self is a container or vessel and a container that is not empty cannot receive. More:

#Role #Identity: 2018-11-09

•2 When you identify your self as your roles, then your identity changes from that of a person to that of a performance. More:

#Coloring #Book: 2018-11-08

•4 Type in the person until they are objectified as types (categories, classifications, groups) and free to be disintegrated as types. More:

#Triangulate #Self: 2018-11-07

•3 Thanks to ego, self-concepts, and self-images, you are nowhere but only projecting partial identities of yourself in different times and spaces at the same time. More:

#Romantic #Sentiment: 2018-11-06

•3 Sentimentality does not confer abilities or powers onto religious idols. More:

#Waiting #God: 2018-11-05

•5 Waiting on God is the attitude and way of life that brings the highest results. More:

#Witness #Introspection: 2018-11-04

•3 How can you be both the witness to your thoughts and your thoughts? More:

#Thought #Cannot: 2018-11-03

•1 Thought cannot do anything, and those who claim that thought does anything misunderstand both the nature of thought and the nature of Energy, which does everything. More:

#Progress #Change: 2018-11-02

•2 Beings do not progress, but things like egos, cities, and technologies can and often do progress. More:

#Thoughtless #Oneness: 2018-11-01

•5 Who are you when you reach a state of pure consciousness that is unaware of your body when you believe that the mind and body are you and also one with each other? More:

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#Do #Nothing: 2018-10-31

•5 There is nothing to do because you are only capable of hosting doing, not doing through imagined abilities or powers. More:

#Perspective #Curative: 2018-10-30

•5 Perspective is curative because it can help you switch from faulty attitudes and beliefs that lead to counterproductive responses to complicated or new experiences and situations. More:

#Not #Thought: 2018-10-29

•5 If your self is your thoughts, then your self is constantly going through adjustments, alterations, fluctuations, modifications, and variations along with its thoughts—all of which makes your self inconsistent, nonexistent, and just ego delusions. More:

#Routine #Nature: 2018-10-28

•1 Routine is life supporting because without the routines of the sun and earth there would be no life. More:

#Come #Through: 2018-10-27

•5 No good is known by me that does not first reveal itself to me, but once known, I can fully share that knowing even though it will never be my knowing. More:

#Surrender #Practical: 2018-10-26

•5 Surrender is not deaf, dumb, or blind, but aware, open-minded, and in touch with the real whether the real is material or invisible; however, doubt about the value of surrender is deaf, dumb, and blind in all realms. More:

#Exception #Thinking: 2018-10-25

•1 Exception thinking looks for or imagines an error, flaw, or imperfection and focuses on that as an entire event, experience, or situation. More:

#Responsible #Women: 2018-10-24

•2 Holding men responsible for everything and women responsible for nothing infantilizes women. More:

#Cause #Feelings: 2018-10-23

•4 You will cause yourself feelings whenever you identify with, personalize, or psychologically own something. More:

#Regard #Relate: 2018-10-22

•1 The music did not make you reminisce, but how you interpreted, regarded, and related to the music did. More:

#Living #Conscious: 2018-10-21

•1 All life is conscious no matter the form or size, but what a living being can be conscious of varies depending on its makeup which can result in a being having aspects that it is not cable of being conscious of. More:

#Clouds #Conditions: 2018-10-20

•5 Do personal comments or insults leave you untouched and unscathed or do personal comments touch and thereby affect your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and self-esteem? More:

#Emotional #Responsibility: 2018-10-19

•4 If anyone but you is the gatekeeper of your heart, soul, or mind, then you are a figment of their imagination, their puppet, or their robot. More:

#Better #Worse: 2018-10-18

•4 Trying to be better than others makes you worse than others because you deny the equality of human beings, and that is the cause of all social problems. More:

#Best #Friend: 2018-10-17

•4 Once you overcome the enemy inside, the enemy outside cannot touch you. More:

#Awareness #Self: 2018-10-16

•1 Verbal awareness of self is the awareness of thoughts about the self; therefore, it is not awareness of the actual or living self. More:

#Divine #Intelligence: 2018-10-15

•3 We cannot merge with divine intelligence, but we can become a pure reflector for divine intelligence even to the point of living inside it as its reflector. More:

#Aware #Sensor: 2018-10-14

•1 Awareness of the sensor (I) gets in the way of sensing and direct experience because awareness of the sensor requires thinking and thinking has no sensing ability. More:

#Ask #Questions: 2018-10-13

•3 To help yourself to focus on the present moment, ask yourself riveting questions about your immediate experiences. More:

#Highest #Values: 2018-10-12

•2 Since your highest values are not new or unique, then your highest values are copies of already existing values that existed before you, and that will exist after you. More:

#Do #Duty: 2018-10-11

•2 Thinking about the duties of others is unproductive and keeps you from problem-solving your duties. More:

#Thought #Remembering: 2018-10-10

•4 Thought remembering and using thought for how to respond to an event cannot work because thought cannot work. More:

#Acceptance #Required: 2018-10-09

•5 Perseverance requires acceptance. More:

#STPHFR #Model: 2018-10-08

•2 In-between S-R is a stronger stimulus known as thinking (T) which when considered can lead to more intelligent responses (S-T-R). More:

#Process #Thoughts: 2018-10-07

•4 You cannot process thoughts that are too attached: detach them. More:

#Always #Present: 2018-10-06

•3 Peace is always present, pray into it. More:

#Observer #Observed: 2018-10-05

•4 The division of the observer and the observed exists because of mental identification; however, not having or removing the identifying, labeling, or naming does not mean that the observer and the observed also no longer exist. More:

#Judge #Source: 2018-10-04

•1 You can’t judge wine by looking at the vineyard it came from. More:

#Coping #Failure: 2018-10-03

•5 Suppression is externalized human psychology that is seen in the world in the common practices of governments, political parties, and social movements. More:

#Suppression #Trouble: 2018-10-02

•2 Suppression is a calculated response to control failure. More:

#Security #Value: 2018-10-01

•5 When you have or hold something with certainty, then it continually loses its desirability unless you make a repeated effort to reinforce its value. More:

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#Nothing #Means: 2018-09-30

•1 Nothing means what you say it means because only what you mean says what you mean. More:

#Time #Place: 2018-09-29

•5 You are some time and some place that no one else is or can be and its right inside your body. More:

#Suppress #Lies: 2018-09-28

•5 Four, that suppressing something is not usually a worse action with worse consequences for your life than the action that you are suppressing. More:

#Simple #Life: 2018-09-27

•3 The world wants you to take on every psychological job but the one that you can do: choose to reflect everything before God. More:

#Express #Open: 2018-09-26

•2 Those who can dig deeper to express more of what is in us all become the great artists and thinkers. More:

#Start #Plain: 2018-09-25

•1 The potter starts with an ugly lump of clay and over time reshapes it into an exquisite pot or vase. More:

#Think #Sense: 2018-09-24

•1 Thinking is not evidence or proof. More:

#Emotional #Label: 2018-09-23

•4 Disturbance comes when you label something disturbing and then emotionalize that label. More:

#Boring #Thoughts: 2018-09-22

•1 It is not boring; your thoughts are boring. More:

#Mind #Disturbing: 2018-09-21

•2 It is not disgusting; your mind is disgusting. More:

#Still #Self: 2018-09-20

•1 You are always single; it is your ego that always has many selves. More:

#Spoken #Speaker: 2018-09-19

•3 Inside, you are always the host and reflector of any speaker or spoken. More:

#Baby #Bathwater: 2018-09-18

“Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.”

•1 The bath water is religion, and the baby is the spiritual path. More:

#Own #Others: 2018-09-17

•1 When you psychologically own others, then others exist to serve your ego, and honor killing seems practical and reasonable. More:

#Grandiosity #Narcissism: 2018-09-16

•1 Personalizing or making things about you requires you to be grandiose and self-centered. More:

#Personalizing #Insane: 2018-09-15

•1 Personalizing or making things about you is not realistic, because there is nothing about you. More:

#Problem #Symptom: 2018-09-14

•1 Your problem with your problem is your problem’s best friend and supporter. More:

#Problematic #Reactions: 2018-09-13

•4 To solve a problem, first deal with your problematic reactions and relationship to the problem. More:

#Simple #Stillness: 2018-09-12

•1 I will be space in order to be aware of my echoing. More:

#Aware #Amplifying: 2018-09-11

•4 I will switch from collecting inner things (covetousness) to awareness of my mirroring. More:

#Wait #Opposite: 2018-09-10

•4 When the positive arrives in the same space as the negative, the positive dissolves and replaces the negative. More:

#Easy #Pride: 2018-09-09

•1 Feel regret about something, because you can claim doing without having to do anything but feel regret and without having to face the inevitable failure of trying to fix the past. More:

#Claim #Pride: 2018-09-08

•3 Whine and be angry about something, for the reason that you can claim doing without having to do anything but whine and without having to face the inevitable failure of trying to fix all the problems. More:

#Right #Path: 2018-09-07

•3 When your self-talk is about receiving from, resting upon, and returning to God, then know that you are on the path of nondoing, not claiming. More:

#Switch #Signals: 2018-09-06

•1 Switch to receiving better signals, stop falsely identifying with signals. More:

#Doing #Signals: 2018-09-05

•1 You are a transceiver which means that you receive and resend signals, not create, change, or control signals. More:

#Self-talk #Doing: 2018-09-04

•1 Understand your self-talk as talking about what you should and should not try to do (psychologically or physically). More:

#Don’t #Do: 2018-09-03

•3 Seek to rest in and return to God, not to do. More:

#Stress #Imbalance: 2018-09-02

•2 Stress is top-heavy or a burden, demand, load, no-ting, pressure, strain, tension, or weight that seeks release, relief, or resolution. More:

#Mental #Doing: 2018-09-01

•5 What does the stress of mental doing cause? More:

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#Identical #Opposite: 2018-08-31

•1 Trying to control and change things is itself the problem it seeks to cure. More:

#Automatic #Amplifying: 2018-08-30

•4 I can neither start nor stop my self from acting as a reflector. More:

#Not #Reflecting: 2018-08-29

•5 Reflecting is not causing, composing, constructing, or creating. More:

#Ego #Altar: 2018-08-28

•1 Your ego is your personal and unshared idol that you serve and worship mainly on the altar of your heart. More:

#Forgotten #Promises: 2018-08-27

•4 The joy of being a living host and nothing more will be neither appreciated nor understood by devotees of self-esteem. More:

#Retreat #Victory: 2018-08-26

•5 Retreating is the practice of moving back into the self as already being the automatic amplifier: the container that automatically magnifies whatever it hosts as long as it is living. More:

#Hard #Thinking: 2018-08-25

•4 People are often called “a blockhead” for thinking too much, because their mind is like a block of solid wood with no room for Spirit but only for looping and ruminating thoughts. More:

#Problem #Hiding: 2018-08-24

•5 Fifth, after repeated failures, we disguise, reframe, repress, or suppress all of the previous steps to cover, hide, or rationalize our failures to know, change, and control with thinking. More:

#Being #Doing: 2018-08-23

•4 I might have failed at something, but I am never being a failure. More:

#Wrong #Being: 2018-08-22

•5 I might be doing wrong, but I am never being wrong. More:

#Failing #Teaches: 2018-08-21

•2 Failing teaches you to quit trying and instead to submit to Spirit, not to quit exercising, experimenting, and practicing. More:

#Right #Coping: 2018-08-20

•1 You don’t have to stop letting things get to you, because things can only get to your ego, not you; instead, switch from all self-esteem thinking because it is conditional. More:

#Price #Pride: 2018-08-19

•2 One price of pride is choosing to know and be right about being miserable instead of humbly enjoying life. More:

#Unknown #Source: 2018-08-18

•5 To demonstrate a complete lack of understanding, try to develop a system of direction or guidance that can substitute for intelligence, genius, skill, or talent. More:

#Avoid #Mind: 2018-08-17

•3 People will grit their teeth in order to keep their mind from interfering with and ruining their amplifying of some process. More:

#Glorify #God: 2018-08-16

•4 The problem is that people do not apply glory only to God when all glory belongs only to God. More:

#Automatic #Living: 2018-08-15

•5 I can keep aware of my self reflecting and be alive; or, I can practice self-esteem and die inside by being aware of my self as dead things and thoughts. More:

#Being #Human: 2018-08-14

•3 Being human consists of the awareness of one’s human nature as a reflector (container, host, transceiver, vessel). More:

#Teach #Mind: 2018-08-13

•4 Stand on a mountain and look at a forest and try to predict the pattern of the hills, shadows, and trees to teach your mind that it does, is, and knows nothing and is most useful when silent. More:

#Right #Spite: 2018-08-12

•3 Material pride is being right in spite of the cost: the loss of self. More:

#Asceticism #Suffer: 2018-08-11

•3 Asceticism for the purpose of experiencing enough suffering to realize that you cannot do anything and are ultimately dependent upon God for everything is right asceticism: suffer well. More:

#Life #Value: 2018-08-10

•3 Once you excuse devaluing life at any stage because it is a burden or an inconvenience, then it becomes easier to devalue life at any other stage for similar reasons. More:

#Heart #Soul #Mind: 2018-08-09

•3 Your living mind never knows anything but is always identifying, naming, recording, remembering, sorting, or storing something. More:

#Being #Doing: 2018-08-08

•5 Human doing would only get in the way of being human, because humans are by hosting and amplifying signals, not by knowing, doing, or being signals. More:

#Sports #Cliches: 2018-08-07

•3 Don’t “be the ball” (sports cliche); instead, host so intently that only the ball and you exist. More:

#Taste #Adaptable: 2018-08-06

•5 So educate your palate to an adult taste for black, brown, purple, or red rice instead of white rice, and you will wind up preferring brown rice even if you used to love only white rice (instant sugar). More:

#One #Voice: 2018-08-05

•5 One voice inside speaks for anyone and everyone; however, in fact, it speaks only for itself to keep speaking and feeding on your heart, soul, and mind. More:

#What #Counts: 2018-08-04

•3 It is not what you experience that counts, but what you are drawn to and amplify about an experience. More:

#Desire #Compulsion: 2018-08-03

•1 Desire is an egg-shaped state of energy imbalance with a void at one end and compression at the other end along with a mental target. More:

#Full #Vacancy: 2018-08-02

•5 No Vacancy: Mind full of anger and resentment, no room for charity, compassion, forgiveness, or understanding. More:

#Know #Not-Knowing: 2018-08-01

•1 Not-knowing is knowing and knowing is not-knowing. More:

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#Emotions #Sensations: 2018-07-31

•1 Emotions are sensations of sensations. More:

#Anxiety #Thought-things: 2018-07-30

•4 Common reality testing of thought-things is done by testing their existence; instead, learn to test thought-things against experiences and non-verbal reality. More:

#Fear #Thought-things: 2018-07-29

•1 The fear of something as a thought-thing (reified thought) will not be easily surrendered since the thought is considered real without having to match any reality other than itself. More:

#Humble #Pride: 2018-07-28

•3 Our addiction to the negative comes from our addiction to pride, to claiming to know evil from good. More:

#Thought #Control: 2018-07-27

•5 Time for you to exercise the control of your intentions, identity, and attention in order not to be controlled by your sensations, experiences, feelings, or thoughts. More:

#Inner #Place: 2018-07-26

•1 You are an inner place, and that place provides space for sensations and thoughts to come and go. More:

#Master #Intention: 2018-07-25

•4 Your master should be right intentions, not right belief, dogma, ideology, opinion, or philosophy. More:

#Responsible #Feelings: 2018-07-24

•4 Be responsible for your feelings or be at the mercy of others who will be happy to control them for you. More:

#Thinking #Thought: 2018-07-23

•2 Thoughts are their own reality, not the reality of anything else. More:

#Thought #Thing: 2018-07-22

•5 Thoughts are not the things they can only be about, because all things exist beyond definitions and descriptions. More:

#Sense #Sensations: 2018-07-21

•5 The things that you sense, have sensations about, recognize, and categorize are not your senses, sensing, sensations, recognitions, or categorizations of them. More:

#Race #Person: 2018-07-20

•4 A group of believers like Muslims is not a person nor a group of persons, because persons are never beliefs or ideologies; therefore, to be against Muslims is only to be against Islam, not any human beings. More:

#General #Semantics: 2018-07-19

•2 The artist painting is not the painting. More:

#Special #Unique: 2018-07-18

•2 No person is different, special, or unique, because there exists only one human nature; however, people regularly have different, special, or unique gifts and talents. More:

#Fix #Problems: 2018-07-17

•5 Your psychological problems are only fixed by being replaced or switched out, and you need Energy to direct the replacement process. (Don’t worry, later you can claim it was something else that worked.) More:

#Law #Rule: 2018-07-16

•1 Controls, directions, guides, laws, rules, and shoulds cannot do what they are about. More:

#Rule-based #Death: 2018-07-15

•1 Rule-based art is no art. More:

#Shared #Self-talk: 2018-07-14

•1 The most interesting thing about human couples is that they combine their individual self-talk patterns into one shared pattern with split roles for each partner. More:

#Dehumanize #Thingify: 2018-07-13

•1 Esteeming is only done between egos, because human nature is identical and one; esteem all humans equally lest you reify any. More:

#Country #Borders: 2018-07-12

•1 A country without borders is like a body without skin. More:

#Worse #Fate: 2018-07-11

To escape a prison, a man jumped from a prison wall into rows of razor-wire. More:

#Take #Advantage: 2018-07-10

Don’t look for the light from outside when all light exists inside. More:

#Activist #Politician: 2018-07-09

Politicians and activists are often part of the problem, not the solution, because they spout slogans that hide the manifold causes and roots of problems. More:

#Being #Lost: 2018-07-08

If you are trying to know being, then knowing is being, and your time and self is sacrificed. More:

#Idolatry #Ego: 2018-07-07

All worship of symbols of god, gods, and goddesses is the worship of ego as ideal states of living symbols. More:

#Ego #Idol: 2018-07-06

All things that claim to lead to, point to, represent, signify, or symbolize god are leading, pointing to, representing, signifying, or symbolizing ego. More:

#False #Paths: 2018-07-05

All false paths teach practices and principles to remake primitive ego into prime ego. More:

#Suffer #Self-talk: 2018-07-04

Suffer self-talk suffering. More:

#Own #Self: 2018-07-03

Do you own your thoughts or creative ideas? No, they are altered, copied, distorted, exaggerated, forgotten, improved, misanalyzed, misattributed, misinterpreted, misrepresented, politicized, and stolen. More:

#Understanding #Forgiveness: 2018-07-02

Understanding life leads to forgiving everyone and everything. More:

#Perfect #People: 2018-07-01

Perfect ideals like Socialism and “a guaranteed wage” require perfect people to work. More:

#Solve #Problems: 2018-06-30

To become valuable to others, first become valuable to yourself by solving some of your own problems. More:

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#Mind #People: 2018-06-29

What if you discovered that the people having a bad day in your mind were not you? More:

#Discover #Inside: 2018-06-28

What if you discovered that your self-talk was acting like your boss without any authority to do so? More:

#Pleasure #Levels: 2018-06-27

The lowest pleasure is ego pleasure, which is pleasure in knowing. (The pleasure is the same though the knowing can be positive or negative: high self-esteem or low self-esteem, pride or shame, good or evil, superior or inferior.) More:

#Standard #Exceptions: 2018-06-26

To pretend that a few rare or unusual cases constitute a rule is to hypocritically claim that exceptions and variations are real standards while simultaneously denying the existence of real standards or rules. More:

#Switch #Sensations: 2018-06-25

Can you therapize your sensations? More:

#Source #Sensations: 2018-06-24

When you experience sensations from your body as coming from your body and not from your mind or world, then your mind can more easily cope with and problem-solve those sensations as needed. More:

#Detachment #Sensations: 2018-06-23

Detachment is the second most important skill that you can learn to improve your mental health, and detachment is learning to distinguish and separate your various sensations from each other. More:

#Willing #Surrender: 2018-06-22

Are you willing to live in a state of nondoing or stillness while denying all credit for any action? More:

#Try #Surrender: 2018-06-21

What would happen if you stopped trying to fix yourself and completely turned all responsibility over to God? More:

#Blame #Self-talk: 2018-06-20

To change your life for the better, stop blaming society and others for your problems and start blaming your self-talk. More:

#Suicide #Eternal: 2018-06-19

The pain driving you to suicide exists in your internal world, and escaping the physical world will not help you to escape your internal world. More:

#Start #Great: 2018-06-18

Few are great at the start, but none are great who never start. More:

#Victim #Themselves: 2018-06-17

People are mainly victims of themselves because self-conditioning overrides all external conditioning no matter its amount, beginnings, degree, frequency, pressure, source, or systemic basis. More:

#Sentience #Identity: 2018-06-16

Where you locate your sentience, identity, or self-consciousness inside is where you find the importance and meaning in your life. More:

#Self-defeating #Failing: 2018-06-15

Why is claiming to know so important to us? Because such claims are the basis for ego, pride, and high self-esteem a.k.a. ego pleasure. More:

#Try #Failing: 2018-06-14

Complaining and whining fail because they are a form of no-ting, of denying some negative reality and thereby focusing on, feeding, and increasing that negative reality. More:

#Cannot #Done: 2018-06-13

People who say that something cannot be done should not attempt to stop people from testing new approaches, ideas, methods, and solutions. More:

#Nothing #Negative: 2018-06-12

Negative energy can never rescue you from other negatives. More:

#Women #Men: 2018-06-11

A tree might want to be a flower and a flower might want to be a tree, but neither will find fulfillment until they follow their true nature. More:

#No-ting #Problem: 2018-06-10

Change your attitude, emotions, outlook, responses, and results by focusing on solutions to problems instead of on the problems themselves. More:

#Pleasure #Sensations: 2018-06-09

Pleasure is sensations of beauty and pain is sensations of ugliness, and these sensations are themselves either beautiful or ugly on a microscopic level. More:

#Hope #Faith: 2018-06-08

How do you wait? Internally, you rely on receiving, not trying. More:

#Return #Rest: 2018-06-07

To wait is to revisit your original nature of hosting: not claiming to know, do, or be anything; but, instead, conscious as a living being that receives and resends. More:

#Wait #Active: 2018-06-06

All human knowing and doing comes only through waiting, and waiting is the most constructive and positive state that any human being can be in. More:

#Fossil #Calcify 2018-06-05

Ego a.k.a. self-esteem is the result of the calcification, coagulation, concretion, and crystallization of thinking. More:

#Source #Spirit: 2018-06-04

Self-directed is ego-directed, but following and being under the Spirit constitutes finding right direction. More:

#Pain #Panic: 2018-06-03

To not panic over ego pain (negative self-esteem), you must deconstruct your ego pain into the nonsense that it is. More:

#Wrong #Right: 2018-06-02

If your ego (a.k.a. self-esteem) cannot stand recognizing that you have wrong behaviors, habits, models, responses, and thinking, then you are doomed to having inferior emotional, cognitive, and behavioral skills. More:

#Claim #Carry: 2018-06-01

Do electrical wires claim to be the electricity that they are conducting? More:

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#Never #Self-talk: 2018-05-31

Self-talk never is about you, but only your ego a.k.a. self-esteem. More:

#Being #Living: 2018-05-30

The three modes of being are hierarchical: living, experiencing, remembering. More:

#Addiction #Compulsion: 2018-05-29

Self-talk tells you that you need the fix or deserve the payoff of an addiction or compulsion, but it is the self-talk that needs it, not you. More:

#Real #Self: 2018-05-28

You knock on the door hoping to be let in by your real self, but you are knocking on the door from the inside. More:

#Self-talk #Things: 2018-05-27

Self-talk is about masks and roles, not you or other human beings. More:

#Talk #About: 2018-05-26

Self-talk is about becoming, not living. More:

#Poverty #Riches: 2018-05-25

There is more crime among the rich than the poor; the difference is that the rich legalize many of their crimes and manage to cover the others. More:

#Self-talk #Demean: 2018-05-24

Self-talk must first turn you into a thought-object or thought-thing in order to talk about you. More:

#Identity #Rules: 2018-05-23

Human identity has the greatest impact on human feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. More:

#Serve #Good: 2018-05-22

How can I work for the good if the good does not first hire me to work for the good? More:

#Hierarchy #Natural: 2018-05-21

Triage is the medical principle of providing care based on a hierarchy of needs, for example, treating an injured heart is more important than treating an injured toe. More:

#What #Who: 2018-05-20

What is the self? What or who is asking that question and what or who is listening to that question? More:

#Self-awareness #Self-consciousness: 2018-05-19

Self-awareness, as self-esteem, is not self-awareness but ego-awareness. More:

#Self #Exist: 2018-05-18

The self of ego, as self-concepts and self-images, does not exist, but the self as a living host is an actuality. More:

#Know #Thought: 2018-05-17

I am the host of many thoughts, but I am not any of the concepts, images, or thoughts that I host. More:

#Not #Me: 2018-05-16

It is not me that is right or wrong but what I receive internally and resend externally. More:

#Movement #Separate: 2018-05-15

The movement of the person is not the person. More:

#Nothing #Is: 2018-05-14

Nothing in a computer or mathematical variable is that variable. More:

#Mean #Suffer: 2018-05-13

Always remember that mean people have to listen to themselves in their own head and have compassion for their suffering. More:

#Depressed #Family: 2018-05-12

Scenario: An adult family member is noticeably depressed and discouraged with life in general. If you are a psychiatrist do you prescribe antidepressants and promote the Pharmaceutical industry’s profitable claim of a chemical imbalance? More:

#Family #Conflict: 2018-05-11

Scenario: A family has conflict in the form of parents arguing and fighting with their children and the children rebelling against the parent’s control. If you are a counselor do you understand the problem as the parents and children having low frustration tolerance (LFT, Ellis); and, therefore, teach high frustration tolerance (HFT) to all the family members? More:

#Work #Noble: 2018-05-10

Some people give in to feeling degraded by menial and repetitive work and believe they are too good to work so make excuses in order not to work. More:

#Naturally #Follow: 2018-05-09

Internally following something is natural, necessary, and unavoidable, which leaves two questions: what do you follow and with what do you follow your following? More:

#Pay #Attention: 2018-05-08

Paying attention is following and when you pay attention to your attention then your following flows. More:

#Sigh #Moan: 2018-05-07

Frown at your frown. More:

#Developmental #Genetic: 2018-05-06

Is it more important to not take away hope and to give a person time to adjust to a situation or is it more important to be direct and honest to a fault? More:

#Live #Inside: 2018-05-05

What kind of environment does your heart, soul, and mind exist in? Have you ever explored it? If not, then why not? More:

#Mind #Thought: 2018-05-04

The mind hosting a thought is no more that thought than is a hotel the guests that it is hosting. More:

#How #Start: 2018-05-03

Why do I start? Why you start is to avoid regret, to ensure future success, and to get the ball rolling. More:

#Conversation #Self-talk: 2018-05-02

Want to know what your future married conversations will be like? They will be like your self-talk. More:

#Deconstruct #Self-talk: 2018-05-01

Want to end your self-talk? Practice not investing your identity in any of it (detach), because without your identity self-talk is meaningless and powerless. More:

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#Self-talk #Owns: 2018-04-30

Self-talk is not accidental or monkey mind, self-talk is purposeful in its desire to hold your attention. More:

#Trust #Self-talk: 2018-04-29

Why do you have faith in your self-talk? You must because you let it ramble on as if it had a place to go. More:

#Expect #Self-talk: 2018-04-28

Why do you expect “trying” to work for your self-talk when “trying” fails in all other areas of your life? More:

#Stop #Self-talk: 2018-04-27

If you do not like your self-talk, then who has enough power to keep you listening and it talking? More:

#Self-talk #Life: 2018-04-26

Life is not about your self-talk and you live in your self-talk; therefore, you are not living in life but amongst the living dead in self-talk delusions. More:

#Self-talk #Hell: 2018-04-25

Every adult who has struggled with their self-talk knows firsthand some of what Hell will be like. More:

#Muhammad #Failure: 2018-04-24

Muhammad failed the spiritual test of humility when he pridefully identified with his human ego instead of humbly surrendering the life of his ego for service to God. More:

#Buddha #Failure: 2018-04-23

Buddha failed the spiritual test of humility when he pridefully identified with the Source instead of humbly submitting to the Source. More:

#Self-talk #Story: 2018-04-22

Self-talk believes in a story of your life that is a form of solipsism, because everyone else is seen as existing only to play either minor or supporting roles for your life. More:

#Hypocritical #Critics: 2018-04-21

Those who demand freedom from hurtful speech are the first to use hurtful speech against others. More:

#Temptation #Pass: 2018-04-20

Keep redirecting your attention for 20 minutes; and, if you don’t feed a compulsion, temptation, or urge, then it will lose energy and pass. More:

#Thinking #Problems: 2018-04-19

Thinking trying to manage feelings is when the cure is worse than the sickness. More:

#Wait #Spirit: 2018-04-18

Thinking will never evolve into Spirit no matter how long you wait. More:

#Life #Contact: 2018-04-17

Do you make contact with your self or only with images of your self? More:

#Narcissus #Self-Image: 2018-04-16

Like Narcissus, you cannot stop staring at your self-image; therefore, your real self wastes away and dies from starvation. More:

#Equal #Responsibility: 2018-04-15

In a secular society, the only safety for anyone is the equal responsibility of everyone for everything. More:

#Complain #Hypocrite: 2018-04-14

If you are complaining about others’ worrying, then isn’t it hypocritical to worry about others? More:

#Opinion #Advice: 2018-04-13

The fact that solicited advice is often not appreciated can be attributed to the ego more than to communication protocols. More:

#Idol #Ideology: 2018-04-12

To concretize, hypostatize, reify, or thingify a human being is to murder that human being as things and thoughts. More:

#Try #Failing: 2018-04-11

The team that tries the hardest to win will lose. More:

#Being #Best: 2018-04-10

There is no possibility for you to do “your best,” because “your best” is an idea and you cannot do an idea. More:

#Best #Worst: 2018-04-09

Those who have suffered the worst can advise the best. More:

#Made #Aware: 2018-04-08

If you think someone made you feel inferior, then you are unaware of how and why you accepted that identity. More:

#Unconditional #Forgive: 2018-04-07

When you unconditionally forgive someone for everything, then that person has no power over your identity and feelings. More:

#Time #Heals: 2018-04-06

Time heals everything when you use time to learn to gain perspective on everything. More:

#Cause #Responsible: 2018-04-05

If you claim responsibility for your actions, then do you claim responsibility for your attitudes and moods or are they someone else’s actions? More:

#Choose #Winner: 2018-04-04

Do you claim to be the coach, judge, referee, and trainer of your thoughts, then who will you declare the winner—your angry thoughts or your forgiving thoughts? More:

#Victimhood #Power: 2018-04-03

Victimhood is a devious and compelling way to rationalize harmful, immature, and reproachable behaviors. More:

#Immature #Mature: 2018-04-02

Maturity is when you are responsible for your identity, heart, soul, mind, and body. More:

#Logically #Reasonable: 2018-04-01

If you move everything to the highest mental category, then all things are equal or the same. More:

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#Kindly #Undo: 2018-03-31

No one can undo your recovery, rebirth, recuperation, redemption, reformation, rehabilitation, rejuvenation, renewal, return, or revival. More:

#Self #Other: 2018-03-30

When you look into the darker side of human nature in others, that darker side looks back into you. More:

#Girls #Attract: 2018-03-29

When girls wear clothes that emphasize sexual attraction and display, girls think they are being pretty, but boys and adults think it is to attract sexual activity. More:

#Self #Safe: 2018-03-28

It is true that your self-esteem is often not safe from human attack, but your self is always safe from human attack. More:

#Purpose #Conversation: 2018-03-27

Is the purpose of this conversation to argue, fight, or upset someone? Then I should gracefully exit it as soon as possible. More:

#Seeking #Preventing: 2018-03-26

Seeking happiness is preventing happiness, because seeking is a form of worry and not the carefree attitude required by happiness. More:

#Seek #Rest: 2018-03-25

Do not seek love; instead, love others and virtues and love will live inside you. More:

#Try #Doing: 2018-03-24

Trying is hard. Doing is effortless. More:

#Process #Thinking: 2018-03-23

Thinking that is too fast is too hard to process. More:

#Superior #Inferior: 2018-03-22

Your complaint about your shame is suspect, because you use it for ego pleasure by feeling superior to yourself. More:

#Whine #Complain: 2018-03-21

Your complaint about people whining is suspect, because you whine about their whining. More:

#Speaker #Listener: 2018-03-20

Self-talk claims to be you talking to yourself, but this is based upon the supposition that you require hearing your self talk to your self in order to think for yourself. More:

#Mental #Noise: 2018-03-19

Self-talk makes a lot of noise but never actually accomplishes anything. More:

#Self-Talk #Control: 2018-03-18

Self-talk switching to darkness (suppression) is not control, it is license. More:

#Love #Ego: 2018-03-17

They love thinking well of themselves; therefore, they love you as long as you feed that. More:

#Time #Lost: 2018-03-16

Time cannot be repeated because nothing repeated is ever exactly same as it was. More:

#Try #Ego: 2018-03-15

Ego is claiming trying doesn’t try. More:

#Game #Self-Esteem: 2018-03-14

This is a common four-step self-esteem game to make you accept yourself as bad thoughts. More:

#Label #Name: 2018-03-13

Actions, behaviors, categories, characteristics, constructs, crimes, descriptions, habits, judgments, opinions, personalities, thoughts, traits, types, scripts, stories, and styles are not human beings. More:

#Fear #Pull: 2018-03-12

The potency of fear is distress. More:

#Relate #Problem: 2018-03-11

By relating to problems you identify with problems; thereby, you cannot get rid of those problems without getting rid of your identity. More:

#Experience #Silent: 2018-03-10

Experience that contains verbal portions is an interpretation, not an experience. More:

#Adult #Mature: 2018-03-09

Do you enjoy giving more than receiving? More:

#Victimhood #Equality: 2018-03-08

Victimhood is not the path to adulthood. More:

#Change #Painful: 2018-03-07

People say change is painful, but what people find painful about change is exchanging claims for knowing for not knowing. More:

#Do #Best: 2018-03-06

To be your best is to appear as your best self-concept or self-image, which means you live for pride. More:

#Desire #Action: 2018-03-05

If you were living the life that you desire, then what would you be thinking? Think more that way now. More:

#Choose #Use: 2018-03-04

Being victimized is a universal human experience that can be used to excuse victimizing your victimizers or to choose to live a better way. More:

#Receive #Reflect: 2018-03-03

Stillness is a spiritual principle because your self needs to be still in order to receive and reflect (host). More:

#Be #Simple: 2018-03-02

To be is so simple that all movement is away from it. More:

#Try #Being: 2018-03-01

You are not being if you are trying. More:

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#Boundaries #Limits: 2018-02-28

Is it kind to let your body suffer and die? How about to let your civilization or culture suffer and die? More:

#Talk #Anyone: 2018-02-27

When you are talking about a person, you are always talking about your person. More:

#Free #Waste: 2018-02-26

Free time can be spent on relaxing or strengthening. More:

#Annoy #Exist: 2018-02-25

Because you are annoyed by me, it proves that I have power and purpose. More:

#Clean #House: 2018-02-24

Make your bed: If your thinking is not helping you to cope, then it is probably helping you to distress and stress. More:

#Hate #Adopt: 2018-02-23

When you hate a person instead of an attitude, then you add your image of that person to your personal Frankenstein monster. More:

#Internal #Abuse: 2018-02-22

Would you let a family member or a friend emotionally abuse you the way you let self-esteem? More:

#Critical #Esteem: 2018-02-21

Self-esteem records, studies, and tracks you, but do you record, study, and track self-esteem? More:

#Get #Self-Esteem: 2018-02-20

Self-esteem believes that you are what you get; therefore, people get angry when they get bad or less. More:

#Reap #Sow: 2018-02-19

Negative feelings about negative thinking lead to: More:

#Work #Wonderful: 2018-02-18

You mind working because you mind working, not because working is minding you. More:

#Nothing #Identical: 2018-02-17

How can a self-image be identical to you when it is not even identical to itself? More:

#Layers #Deception: 2018-02-16

How many floors or stories of your high-rise ego (self-stories) would you have to descend to make contact with your original nature hiding in the basement? More:

#Thing #Death: 2018-02-15

Self-esteem concretizes self-concepts into ego as self. More:

#Feed #Problem: 2018-02-14

Trying to change or control problems provides them with the attention and energy problems need to grow. More:

#Worse #Problems: 2018-02-13

Trying to change or control problems is worse psychologically and spiritually than are the problems. More:

#Problem #Violence: 2018-02-12

End emotional violence and end most of your problems. More:

#Heaven #Hell: 2018-02-11

Inside your own space, you can have a heaven or a hell. More:

#Examine #Discuss: 2018-02-10

In the world, the emotional violence of nagging people is rarely examined or discussed. More:

#Drive #Motivation: 2018-02-09

Political correctness (PC) is driven by the right to inflict emotional violence, and not by ideals, goodness, or morality. More:

#Persistence #Real: 2018-02-08

Thoughts in the mind are not the mind, because the mind persists after them. More:

#Justify #Violence: 2018-02-07

Responding to violence with violence maintains the cycle and system of violence. More:

#Violence #Infects: 2018-02-06

You cannot begin with violence (emotional or physical) and not end with violence. More:

#General #Exception: 2018-02-05

Deceivers use exceptions to pretend the exceptions are a better generalization than an existing generalized rule. More:

#Make #You: 2018-02-04

Family, friends, and social interactions can affect who and what your ego is, but not your self. More:

#Ego #Composition: 2018-02-03

Ego is composed of thought, but human beings are not. More:

#Ideologies #Hurt: 2018-02-02

Ideologies cannot have their ego or feelings hurt by criticism. More:

#Pieces #Parts: 2018-02-01

Self-esteem dehumanizes you into partial experiences. More:

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#Experience #Experience: 2018-01-31

You cannot be an experience because an experience does not experience. More:

#Emotional #Violence: 2018-01-30

Emotional violence has always been the problem, but people still try to use it as a way to end problems. More:

#Living #Location: 2018-01-29

You are a living location, not an image of an experience. More:

#Sex #Differences: 2018-01-28

If there are no sex differences, then why do lesbians and gay men not want transgenders for sex partners but only the real thing by birth? More:

#Emotional #Harassment: 2018-01-27

Emotional problems are more frequent and serious, because humans are more emotionally aware of life than they are physically or rationally aware of life. More:

#Specialness #Pride: 2018-01-26

Specialness is the way of ego and separation from others. More:

#Special #Nonsense: 2018-01-25

If you think you are special, then you think you can impose harsh measures and policies on society that will affect only the lower classes. More:

#Life #Meaning: 2018-01-24

Those who claim there is no meaning in life insist that their thoughts and words have meaning in life. More:

#Get #Serve: 2018-01-23

You will not always get what you serve right away, but in the end, you will always get what you serve. More:

#Identity #Attachment: 2018-01-22

What you identify with, you attach to, and what you attach to, you must keep alive. More:

#Essence #Self: 2018-01-21

Essence is that which persists unchanged despite other modifications or variations occurring in a being, system, or thing. More:

#Risk #Moving: 2018-01-20

To walk forward, you must step forward, to step forward, you must leave your last step behind. More:

#People #Change: 2018-01-19

You might think that a person has changed, but what has changed is what you notice about them. More:

#Palestinian #Victimhood: 2018-01-18

Palestinian victimhood will never be seen as justification for not following the sane non-violence principles and teachings of Cesar Chavez, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and others. More:

#Journalism #Pigeonholing: 2018-01-17

Journalism has become an exercise in creating conflict by reducing issues to competing either/or choices. More:

#Evil #Excuse: 2018-01-16

The immoral always excuse their immorality by citing the immorality of others, not the moral. More:

#Magical #Feelings: 2018-01-15

Believing you are right and on the right side neither makes you right nor endows you with any rights. More:

#Results #Checking: 2018-01-14

What are the direct results of your attitudes on your life and relationships? More:

#Gold #Mine: 2018-01-13

You don’t bring buckets of water to the river. More:

#Ego #Ghost: 2018-01-12

Ego is the hacker trying to steal your identity using your internal-internet passwords. More:

#Faith #Despair: 2018-01-11

Despair is when you realize that you cannot change or control things, but you still refuse to surrender control to God. More:

#Men’s #Fault: 2018-01-10

If everything is men’s fault, that means women are helpless and pitiful victims waiting for men to rescue them. More:

#Suffer #Well: 2018-01-09

The problem with most people is that they do not know how to suffer well. More:

#Use #Suffering: 2018-01-08

You can use your suffering to be a parasite or a victim. More:

#Life #Act: 2018-01-07

Are you role-playing through life? More:

#Duality #Triality: 2018-01-06

There is no duality, only triality. More:

#Thought #Thinking: 2018-01-05

Thought convinced thinking both that it thought and was thought. More:

#Cause #Correlation: 2018-01-04

A collection of supporting ideas does not support the existence of supporting experiences. More:

#Claim #Good: 2018-01-03

The greater the good that people claim to be, the greater the evil they will do in the name of good. More:

#Less #Ego: 2018-01-02

You can spend less time with ego, but you cannot lessen ego. More:

#Begin #Again: 2018-01-01

To begin anew you must renew your attitudes, beliefs, feelings, habits, and thoughts. More:

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  • Read and discover the world’s best breathing exercise for your feelings and stress.