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Recovery Issues

12 Steps of Recovery Simplified

Free Information on Addiction Recovery Topics

  • Garbage Rules will prod you to face your self-defeating thinking that’s keeping you addicted.
  • Ego will help you to understand and overcome the underlying problem in your addiction.

“Vices are never genuinely tamed.”–Seneca

“Recovery is the process of recovering who you were as a child.”–Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

“Regard your addiction as a whiny brat, not as a powerful monster.”–Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

“It is easier for the will to cut off certain things utterly than to use them with restraint.”–Seneca

“When confronted with a situation which we cannot change, we are then challenged to change ourselves.”–Viktor Frankl

  1. 5 Levels of Living Life: Assess Yours
  2. 12 Steps of Anger Reacting
  3. 12 Steps of Anxiety Reacting
  4. 12 Steps of Depression
  5. 12 Steps of Recovery: Rewritten & Simplified
  6. 12 Steps Stop Shit
  7. 12 Steps to Keep the Shit Going
  8. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): The 12 Steps of
  9. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): The 12 Traditions of
  10. Cause of Addictions
  11. Choose Higher when Tempted by Lower
  12. Do the Good More & Do the Bad Less
  13. Emotionalize New Behaviors & Beliefs
  14. How to Quit in 5 Steps
  15. Quotations & Slogans from AA
  16. Reduce Problems & Stuff
  17. Relapse Prevention: 3 Steps
  18. SAD: 3 Step Program of Recovery
  19. Secret of Life
  20. Serenity Prayer: Help with Acceptance
  21. Seven Pillars of Recovery
  22. Stimulation As Motivation
  23. Temptation: A Strategy to Overcome
  24. The Four Absolutes: Oxford Group External Link
  25. Use Negation, Not Destruction
  26. Yoga Practice Points


  1. Quotations by Topic: Acceptance
  2. Quotations by Topic: Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
  3. Quotations by Topic: Coping Statements


  • Addiction support groups with a psychological focus:


  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)–the spiritual focus:


  • 12 Step Programs of all kinds with links:


  • “Believe in recovery, redemption, and rehabilitation especially when the world wants to punish you instead of to help you.”–Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

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  1. Anger Issues
  2. Blame Issues
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Coping Skills
  5. Counseling Issues
  6. Praying Issues
  7. Recovery Issues (this page)
  8. Responsibility Issues
  9. Thinking Skills
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