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Communication Skills: Free Help

6 Ways to Handle People

Free Information on Communication Skills & Methods

“Teach your tongue to say, ‘I don’t know,’ and you shall progress.” —Maimonides

“First, don’t interpret or add to what they said–just hear it and share it back.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

Pages to Help You Communicate Better

  1. 5 Parenting Styles (5TP)
  2. 8 Ways that the Media Lies to You
  3. 19 Short-Guides for Communication
  4. 32 Ways You Deceive Yourself
  5. Communication Collection from 3D: Daily Dose of Discernment
  6. Communication Dualities
  7. Communication: Memes Teach How to Communicate
  8. Difficult People: How to Handle
  9. Discuss Ideas, Not People
  10. Don’t Argue Reality
  11. Double-Binds: How to Respond
  12. Ego Maintains Fights
  13. Emotional Responsibility
  14. Empathic to Narcissistic: 5 Styles Using 5TP
  15. Fast Facts on Communication
  16. Golden Rule: To Have Friends Be a Friend
  17. Happy Relationships Are Easy
  18. “I” Statements for Less Conflict
  19. “I” Statements: Advanced Version
  20. Ins & Outs of Communication
  21. Marital Conflict Solved
  22. Memes on Communication
  23. Men Comfort Women
  24. Parenting: 4 Main Failures
  25. Parenting: A Strategy of Reciprocity
  26. Parenting: Help Children Think for Themselves
  27. Parenting: Kevin’s 10 Rules
  28. Parenting: Single Parenting Issues
  29. Passive to Aggressive: 5 Styles Using 5TP
  30. Personalizing: Why did They Do that to Me?
  31. Relational Styles: 25 Based on 5 Thinking Positions
  32. Relationship Healing Exercise Using 5TP
  33. Roles As Masks
  34. Semantics & Words
  35. Universal Declaration of Human Rights: External Link
  36. What Do Men Want?
  37. What Do Women Want?
  38. What’s It All About?
  39. Whiners: Learn How to Stop Them
  40. Women Encourage Men

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