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Buddha Failed: 25 Reasons

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Buddha Failed 25 Reasons: Discover How

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Buddha Failed 25 Reasons. Learn and discover why and how Buddha Failed. Explore how Buddhism can be harmful in spiritual areas.

Buddha Failed 25 Reasons

  • Expose Buddha’s self-esteem games and strategies.
  • Discern the difference between material and spiritual ego.
  • Explore how Buddhism can be harmful in spiritual areas.
  • Recognize how merit alone cannot save you.
  • Understand the true cause of suffering.

Buddha Failed 25 Reasons: Path of Superiority

  • One can make the case that the primary purpose of Buddha’s legends, myths, and stories is to present Buddha as superior to others.
  • Other considerations, such as teaching, are secondary.
  • We do not care about Buddha or his reputation one way or the other.
  • However, we care if people take the false path of putting spiritual ego over material ego.
  • The main contribution of Buddha was to be an example of a supreme or perfect ego based on spirituality, not materiality.

Buddha Failed 25 Reasons: Spiritual Ego

  • Learn not to make the spiritual mistakes that Buddha made.
  • The book’s message is simple: use Buddhism to help get rid of your material ego and reject the false path of spiritual ego that Buddhism promotes.

Buddha Failed 25 Reasons: True Path to Enlightenment

  • See how Buddhism can be helpful in material areas.
  • We suggest you take the need for getting rid of the material ego from Buddhism and the need for getting rid of the spiritual ego from Taoism and Christianity.
  • Combine the two, and you will be close to the right spiritual path.

Much More Available: Buddha Failed 25 Reasons

  • Uncover and examine Buddha’s contradictions.
  • Avoid five spiritual failures.
  • Avoid false spirituality.
  • Find true humility, goodness, and spirituality.
  • Learn about the right path and how to stay on it.
  • Explore how self-esteem will lead you astray as it did Buddha.
  • Learn to commit to non-doing instead of claiming.
  • Refuse to worship Buddha in any way or form.
  • Refuse to follow Buddha’s bad example.
  • Recognize why God is important and pantheism is to be rejected.
  • Recognize that Buddha was about spiritual self-esteem and pride.
  • Discover your true and false human natures.
  • Discover more than twenty-five reasons why Buddha failed.
  • Finally, understand idols and idolatry.
  • Finally, understand oneness and how it exists in life.
  • Don’t Fail at Life As Buddha Failed!

Buddha Failed: Miscellaneous

  • Buddha left his son to be raised without a father.
  • Buddha abandoned his wife and child to seek his own desires.
  • Buddha would be arrested for not paying child support by today’s standards.
  • Buddha was a deadbeat dad according to parental laws in the United States of America.
  • Buddha thought it was better and higher to be reborn a man than a woman.
  • Buddha failed to apprehend the true cause of suffering, which is ego and not desire.
  • Buddha adopted much of Hindu philosophy but presented it as his own philosophy.
  • Buddha failed to create a new religion because he adopted so much of Hinduism that Buddhism is just a Hindu sect.
  • Buddha failed to be honest about his method to end any internal conflict, which makes most of his followers unable to achieve what Buddha achieved.
  • This is understandable because Buddha was unlikely to admit to himself that his method was to end the material ego and accept the spiritual ego.

Buddha Failed: 25 Reasons
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