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37 Global Thinking Attitudes

Discovery Demands 5TP

Challenge, Drop, Test, or Surrender Failing Attitudes

We’re All Insane! Second Edition will teach you how to think better and saner.


  • An attitude can be understood as the union of similar thoughts and feelings regarding something.
  • You can have global attitudes that apply to many events and situations making their effect global.
  • Global attitudes can be strong enough to be considered life-scripts, life-programs, life-determinants, or control programs.

Basic List of 37 Global Attitudes

Life is a series of—

  • actions to be taken.
  • adventures to be lived.
  • annoyances to be complained about.
  • attacks to be countered.
  • challenges to be overcome.
  • crises to be managed.
  • dangers to be avoided.
  • demands to be met.
  • disorders to be ordered.
  • emotions to be released.
  • experiences to be blamed.
  • failings to be guilty for.
  • fears to be managed.
  • games to be won.
  • hurts to be whined about.
  • injuries to be damned.
  • injustices to be righted.
  • insults to be damned.
  • jobs to be completed.
  • jokes to be enjoyed.
  • lessons to be learned.
  • meaningless experiences to be given meaning.
  • messes to be cleaned up.
  • missions to be undertaken.
  • mistakes to be reworked.
  • moments to be felt.
  • needs to be demanded.
  • opportunities to be taken advantage of.
  • oppressions to be escaped.
  • pleasures to be savored.
  • problems to be dealt with.
  • puzzles to be solved.
  • sensations to be sought.
  • stresses to be released.
  • tests to be passed.
  • thoughts to be expressed.
  • wrongs to be righted.

Check Yourself

  • Which attitudes are guiding your life?

“Be careful how you interpret the world: It is like that.” —Erich Heller, 1911-1990