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Discovery Demands 5TP

List of Pages on Exercises, Methods, & Techniques

  • There different kinds of techniques collected here.
  • They can be used to overcome attitude issues, behavioral problems, emotional problems, grief issues, health problems, mental problems, stress, unhappiness, and other issues or problems.
  • However, we are providing them only for information and insight.

Note on Website: Disclaimer

  • Some pages contain an advanced method or technique that requires personal responsibility, insight, self-awareness, and the ability to bear psychological discomfort.
  • You are advised to consult with your doctor or any treating health practitioner before attempting to practice or use the information on our website pages.
  • The responsibility for the use of any methods or techniques presented on this website rests solely on the person who uses that method or technique and not with the publisher, writer, website host, or owner of this website. The information on this website is provided for insight only.

Three Main Reasons Why We Don’t Want You to Use Our Techniques

1. We cannot assess if you are ready to use them or not.

2. We cannot assess if you are using them in a healthy, productive, or useful manner.

3. We cannot assess if you are obtaining the professional guidance and support that many of these techniques require in order to be effective and safe.

Collected Exercises, Methods, & Techniques from this Website

  • Some exercises, methods, and techniques on the website might have been missed.
  • Many of our memes contain exercises, methods, or techniques and none are listed here.
  • Many of our books contain exercises, methods, and techniques not referenced here.
  1. 4 Seconds Is All You Need
  2. 5 Step Solution to Ego
  3. 5 Step Solution to Personal Problems
  4. 7 Steps to Freedom from Psychological Problems
  5. Act Against Anger: Deal with Negative Feelings
  6. Breathe: New Technique for Mind-Move Using 5TP
  7. Breathe: New Technique for Mind-Move (ARE)
  8. Breathe: New Technique for Mind-Move (SOP)
  9. Breathe: Video Demonstration of Mind-Move on YouTube
  10. Discovery Demands 5TP: Heal Relationships
  11. Disputing Thinking Using the Five Thinking Positions (5TP)
  12. Drum Circle Experiment
  13. Emotional Control: Use Your Tools
  14. How to Quit in 5 Steps
  15. Meditation Simplified
  16. Move Beyond Duality Technique (MBD)
  17. SAD: 3 Step Program of Recovery