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CBT, CT, & REBT Cognitive Psychotherapies

3RS Used to Replace Thinking

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“One who is too insistent on his own views, finds few to agree with him.” —Lao Tzu

“CBT, CT, and REBT are existential because of teaching perspective taking, and REBT is also existential because of teaching Unconditional Life Acceptance (ULA).” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

CBT = Cognitive Behavior Therapy. CT = Cognitive Therapy. REBT = Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

  • CBT is the generalized form that contains portions of REBT, CT, & related practices.
  • CT began with Aaron Beck and continues with its ongoing advocates & contributors.
  • REBT began with Albert Ellis and continues with its ongoing advocates & contributors.
  • Cognitive psychotherapies includes REBT, CT, CBT, DBT, and many more variants.

Pages Related to CBT, CT, & REBT

  1. 3Rs (Recognize, Remove, Replace): Memes
  2. 3Rs: Recognize, Remove & Replace Problems
  3. 4 Main Counseling Issues
  4. 5 Thinking Positions (5TP)
  5. 7 Thinking Errors of CT
  6. 8 Thinking Skills for Detaching
  7. 9 Fundamental Thinking Errors
  8. 12 Steps to Recycle Garbage
  9. Albert Ellis: 2nd Most Influential Psychologist: External Link
  10. Albert Ellis: “The New Yorker” Article
  11. Albert Ellis on FitzMaurice
  12. Brief CBT Explained in 6 Lines
  13. Brief CBT Explained in 12 Lines
  14. CBT, REBT & FitzMaurice
  15. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), CT, & REBT Quotations
  16. Disputing & Challenging Thinking Errors
  17. Emotionalize New Behaviors & Beliefs
  18. Garden Your Mind to Keep it Healthy (3Rs)
  19. “I” Messages or “I” Statements & REBT’s ABCs
  20. “Musts” or Demands Useful?
  21. Perspective Taking Skill: The Book
  22. Perspective Taking Skill: Use the 5TP
  23. Preferences Over Shoulds Over Musts
  24. Quotations by Topic: Test, Challenge, & Question
  25. REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy): List of Pages
  26. REBT: What Is REBT?
  27. REBT Is Deeper than CBT, CT & other Counseling Theories
  28. REBT’s 4 Issues As System
  29. REBT’s 10 Must Scripts
  30. REBT’s 11 Irrational Beliefs
  31. REBT’s ABCs of Emotions
  32. REBT’s Main Website
  33. REBT Related 5TP on Demands (number 25)
  34. REBT Video Demonstrations Online
  35. REBT Website Links for More Information
  36. Reduce Problems & Stuff
  37. Semantics & Words
  38. S-R Thinking (Stimulus-Response)
  39. Stimulus Responsibility: Before & After a Stimulus
  40. STPHFR Infographic
  41. STPHFR Model Explains Feelings & Behaviors
  42. STPHFR Insights on Emotions
  43. Test Your Thinking for its Results
  44. The 3Rs of Counseling
  45. Thinking Errors: List of Pages
  46. Thinking Skills: Memes
  47. Thinking Skills & Tools: List of Pages
  48. Thinking Tests: List of Pages
  49. Ukraine System: 4 Thinking Errors
  50. Unconditional Self-Esteem (USE): Defined
  51. Unconditional Self-Esteem (USE), (UOE), (ULE) & (UAE): Examples
  52. Unconditional Self-Esteem (USE), (UOE), (ULE) & (UAE): Reasons

Cognitive Psychotherapists Find the Challenges & Disputes Your Clients Need

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