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“How can a parent be consistent with their child when they cannot be consistent with themselves?” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

“In disputes between parents and children, the children always get the upper hand.” —Achad Ha’am

Parenting Is Management & Vice Versa

  1. 5 Parenting Styles (5TP)
  2. 5 Styles for Standards & Quality
  3. Parenting: A Strategy
  4. Parenting: 4 Main Failures
  5. Parenting: Help Children Think for Themselves
  6. Parenting: John Rosemond Video: External Link
  7. Parenting: Kevin’s 10 Rules
  8. Parenting: Single Parenting Issues
  9. Quotations by Topic: Parenting, Leadership, & Management
  10. Scripture: Children
  11. Scripture: Parenting

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