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3Rs & Flow Recapturing

3Rs Switch to Flow

Use the 3Rs to Fight for Flow

  • Ego will help you to recognize, remove, and replace your ego: a.k.a. self-esteem.

“To be poured into without becoming full, and to pour out without becoming empty, without knowing how this is brought about–this is the case of ‘Containing the Light’.” —Chung Tzu


  • To understand flow, just watch a baby or a little child at play.
  • Flow can be a state of being wherein you feel like you are running on autopilot or instinct.
  • Flow is often reported as having a calm mind, a peaceful mind, or a quiet mind.
  • Flow can also be a state of being in which you are single-mindedly following and serving an ideal or virtue.
  • Flow is the preferred way of being in the world since it is our highest state of both creativity and performance.


  • To understand the loss of flow, just remember a time when you were over-thinking and ruining everything thereby.
  • Personalizing or making something about what or who you are is an easy way to lose flow.
  • Ego and self-esteem feelings and thoughts either disrupt or prevent flow.
  • Arguments, conflicts, and negative stress all promote opposite ways of being to being in the flow.


  • To understand regaining flow, remember a time when you were out in nature enjoying yourself without thinking about it.
  • Most people have some activity or habit that they use to regain flow. It might be simply listening to your favorite music or engaging in your favorite sport.
  • The more importance that you put on remaining in flow states, the more you will find yourself in them.
  • Some people practice meditation or yoga in order to enter flow states of being, but there are countless ways to arrive there including dancing, extreme sports, and float tanks.

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