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5Fs of the Survival Instinct

5Fs Survival Instincts

Table of the 5Fs of the Human Survival Instinct (5TP)

“The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it.” —Alan Saporta

5Fs: The 5 Reactions of Our Survival Instinct

  • Survival reactions are one of five kinds: flight, freeze, feign, figure, fight.
  • The fight-or-flight reactions now include the “freeze” reaction in most lists.
  1. Flight is to run away from the danger or impending doom.
  2. Freeze is to try not to be noticed so that the danger passes you by.
  3. Feign is to surrender before the fight in order to avoid the fight.
  4. Figure is to try to find an answer to the problem using hyper thinking or in a panic mode.
  5. Fight is to hold your ground and face the danger or threat head-on.

Notes on the Survival Instinct

  • Notice how the survival instinct is entirely fear based.
  • All five solutions of the instinct are in relation and response to fear.
  • Fear is not the enemy when it is sane fear.
  • Fear is not the enemy when it saves your life.
  • Fear is not the enemy when it helps you to avoid harm.
  • A fear of snakes that are biting you is not a phobia of snakes.

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