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Feed Feelings: 12 Ways

12 Ways to Feed Feelings

Feeding Feelings Maintains Feelings

12 Ways to Feed Feelings

  1. Make the feeling about your identity.
  2. Make the feeling about your ego.
  3. Make the feeling about your self-script or self-story.
  4. Make the feeling about other feelings.
  5. Make the feeling about your experiences or memories.
  6. Make the feeling so important that you must dwell on it and stay concerned about it.
  7. Make the feeling an issue that must be changed or controlled.
  8. Make the feeling about your expectations or intentions.
  9. Make the feeling at war with some of your other feelings.
  10. Make the feeling dangerous so that you have to stay aware of it or fear it.
  11. Make the feeling important enough to need analysis and interpretation.
  12. Make the feeling have special abilities or powers like foresight or wish fulfillment.

Simple Lessons

  • If you don’t like a feeling, then stop feeding it.
  • Observe and learn how you are feeding a feeling.
  • Do the opposite of feeding: starve out a feeling.
  • Feelings naturally pass with time, but if you keep feeding them they can go on forever.
  • Twenty minutes and most feelings and temptations pass—IF you don’t feed them.

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