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5 Ego Problems Contain Most Problems

5 Main Ego Problems to Work On

Objectifying, Claiming, Trying, Becoming, & Seeking Contain Most Problems

  • Ego will help you to recognize, remove, and replace your ego: a.k.a. self-esteem.
  • Claiming Is the Root Problem that Results in Trying & Becoming.

“Evaluation of an individual tends to bolster the Establishment and to block social change. Since most societies are run by a limited number of ‘upper-level’ people who have a strong, vested interest in keeping them the way they are, self-evaluation usually encourages the individual to go along with social rules, no matter how arbitrary or foolish they are, and especially to woo the approval of the powers-that-be.” —Albert Ellis

1. Objectifying or Reifying People, Places, & Thoughts

  • Objectifying is the original sin.
  • Objectifying is making people into objects.
  • Objectifying is making living processes into objects.
  • Objectifying is treating thoughts as physical realities.
  • Objectifying is treating knowledge as if it was something that knew.
  • Objectifying is treating thoughts as if they could know, do, or be something else.
  • Objectifying is also recognized using other words: concretize, dehumanize, hypostatize, reify, thingify, and thought-things.

(For a greater understanding of objectifying, please read Stiffer: Stoic Mind.)

2. Claiming or Making False Claims of Abilities & Capabilities

  • Claiming is stealing.
  • Claiming is trying to play God.
  • Claiming destroys to make way for itself.
  • Claiming is what you do after the fact if you were successful.
  • Claiming is what you do when you are failing or making mistakes.
  • Claiming is what must be avoided during the execution of any skill or talent.
  • Claiming often will first try to destroy someone or something to make space for its claims, its lies.

3. Trying, Working At It, or Planned Failure

  • Trying is a form of claiming.
  • Trying with ego is failing with ego.
  • Trying with thinking is failing with thinking.
  • Trying is relying on yourself instead of God.
  • Trying is the excuse of ego for failing with ego.
  • Trying is accepting failure and moving into failure.
  • Trying is failing by relying on yourself instead of God.

4. Becoming, Evolving, Improving, or Endless Progress

  • Becoming is claiming in action.
  • Becoming is pride in all its glory.
  • Becoming is the cure that is worse than the disease.
  • Becoming is the medicine that is worse than the sickness.
  • Becoming is self-esteem devouring your heart, soul, and mind.
  • Becoming is ego feeding on your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • Becoming is the delusions that you can evolve or develop your self.

5. Seeking to Appear Good While Avoiding Appearing Bad

  • Seeking is trying to look good in every situation.
  • Seeking is trying to avoid looking bad or inferior.
  • Seeking is trying to appear superior to others in any way possible.
  • Seeking to appear good while avoiding appearing evil is the drive of ego.
  • Seeking is the drive of self-esteem to always appear what it is not on the outside.
  • Seeking often leads to masks, phoniness, pretensions, and hiding behind inner walls.
  • Seeking is the motivation that drives people to waste their life on corporations and governments.


  • Surrender problems to God.
  • Surrender self to God.
  • Give all praise to God, and none to self.
  • Rest in God.
  • Wait on God.
  • Really on God.
  • Praise God, not humans.

Stop these Practices

  • Stop turning living beings and processes into objects.
  • Stop claiming any abilities or powers.
  • Stop claiming to know, do, or be something.
  • Stop trying to know, do, or be something.
  • Stop trying to develop into something.
  • Stop trying to become better or good.
  • Stop trying to fix yourself and others.
  • Stop becoming objects of mental and physical behaviors.
  • Stop becoming concepts, images, things, and thoughts.
  • Stop becoming experiences and memories as objects.

Start these Practices

  • Praise Energy, God, and Spirit.
  • Rest in Energy, God, and Spirit.
  • Rely upon Energy, God, and Spirit.
  • Wait upon Energy, God, and Spirit.
  • Have faith in Energy, God, and Spirit.
  • Have hope in Energy, God, and Spirit.
  • Have charity for Energy, God, and Spirit.

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