5 Moods of Ego & Self-Esteem

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Self-Esteem & Ego Have 5 Basic Moods

“The cause of all sins in every case lies in the person’s excessive love of self.” —Plato, Laws

Ego Pain

  • humiliation
  • hurt
  • loss of face
  • low self-esteem
  • negative self-concepts
  • negative self-images
  • negative self-objects
  • psychological pain
  • shame

Ego pain results from identifying self as negative self-concepts, self-images, and self-objects.

Avoid or Escape Ego Pain

  • fear of being known without a mask
  • fear of ego pain
  • fear of exposure
  • fear of negative self-concepts
  • fear of negative self-images
  • fear of negative self-objects
  • fear of rejection

Avoiding or escaping ego pain is one of the primary activities of defense mechanisms and self-talk.

Stay Lukewarm or Neutral

  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
  • fear of ego ratings
  • fear of self-esteem ratings
  • fear of the game of self-ratings
  • fear of the stress of playing the rating game

The goal is to live as an undefined ego object. This means trying to maintain neutral self-esteem at all times and at all costs.

Seek Ego Pleasure

  • become better than others
  • evolve past others
  • grow beyond others
  • seek better self-concepts
  • seek better self-images
  • seek better self-objects
  • seek superiority in as many ways as possible
  • seek to know, do, or be better than others
  • study to be better than others
  • train to be better than others
  • try to get ahead of others

Pursue ego pleasure like an addict pursues their drug. Pride addiction is the strongest and most common addiction.

Ego Pleasure

  • being better than others
  • bigger or more important person
  • bragging rights
  • despising other people
  • doing better than others
  • famous or noteworthy person
  • feeling better than others
  • gloating over the failures of others
  • gossiping about others’ misfortunes
  • hating other people
  • having things better than others
  • high self-esteem
  • knowing better than others
  • positive self-concepts
  • positive self-images
  • positive self-objects
  • superiority claims

Ego pleasure results from identifying self as positive self-concepts, self-images, and self-objects.

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