GREEN TEA: Kevin’s Way


Kevin’s Way to Prepare Green Tea


All real tea is from one plant. Herbal tea is not real tea. Real tea is made from the leaves of the shrub (or small tree) Camellia sinensis. Black, oolong, green, yellow, and white teas are all from Camellia sinensis.


  • I follow the rules mentioned on the page “Green Tea Preparation”, which is linked below.
  • I use a stainless steel electric water-heater and always start with running cold water.
  • I put the tea into a glass tea kettle (actually an inexpensive glass coffee pot) that has a 12 cup capacity.
  • I add 3 tablespoons full of organic whole leaf green tea. Sometimes I put in 4 tablespoons depending on if the tea is weak because of containing other ingredients such as flowers or spices.
  • I add 1.5 tablespoons of lemongrass to teas that I would find too bland otherwise.
  • I stop the water just before boiling. If I miss the boiling point, then I let the water stop boiling before pouring it into the tea kettle. If available, I set the temperature for 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • I pour the water from the water-heater directly into the glass tea kettle with the tea already in it.
  • I let the tea steep (sit in the water) for at least fifteen minutes for the first steeping. The second steeping lasts for hours or even overnight.
  • I put an ordinary strainer onto my cup that fits perfectly over its top and pour the tea from the tea kettle directly into my cup.
  • I return the tea leaves from the strainer to the tea kettle unless I am not going to add any more water to the tea kettle (see below).
  • I keep the teapot on a warmer during the day so it is always ready (not so much anymore). Or, I keep a cup on warmer at my desk and one in my kitchen too.
  • I keep my ceramic teacup on a cup warmer on my desk and/or on the cup warmer in my kitchen.
  • Each time I pour some tea into my cup (my teacup holds two cups like European cups), I add water back into the teapot to keep it full (not anymore).
  • I go by the smell of the tea in the tea kettle for when to stop adding water and to finish the pot of tea as is. This is usually 3-5 times depending on the tea and how long I originally let it steep. (Currently, just two steepings: the original plus the second one.)
  • When the tea leaves are used up, I put them into the compost.
  • I never add sugar or any form of a sweetener to my tea.
  • I never add cream, milk, or any dairy substitute to my tea.
  • When at home writing, I will drink tea all day long.
  • Jasmine green tea is my favorite tea. I like most unflavored green teas. I only like some oolongs (tea gone through more stages of processing for taste reasons), not many black teas, and even less puh-ers (fermented and aged black teas).

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