GREEN TEA: Preparation

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Rules for the Preparation & Storage of Green Tea


All real tea is from one plant. Herbal tea is not real tea. Real tea is made from the leaves of the shrub (small tree) Camellia sinensis. Black, oolong, green, yellow, and white teas are all from Camellia sinensis.



  • Never boil green tea.
  • Boil the water, not the tea.
  • Boiling the tea is cooking the tea and cooking the tea will extract bitter flavors.
  • Don’t over boil the water.
  • Heat the water until it boils. Once the water boils, then stop heating it. Wait for the water to stop boiling before pouring the water onto the tea.
  • Never use a metal pot for boiling water.
  • Use only ceramic, ceramic coated, earthenware, stainless steel, or glass tea kettles.
  • Black tea requires hotter water than does green tea.


  • Start with cold water.
  • Do not use stagnant water.
  • The longer the tea steeps, the stronger the tea.
  • Use pure, filtered, or bottled water whenever possible.
  • Let the tea steep in the water for 3 to 5 minutes for most teas.
  • Run the water for a moment to clean out the water pipes.
  • Water can carry the taste of metal; therefore, do not use metal pots or kettles.
  • Rinse both pots and cups before using them to ensure that all soap residue is gone.
  • Water the tea with cold water before pouring the hot water onto it. This reportedly lowers the bitter taste effect.


  • Use only top or middle tea, not bottoms, dust, or fannings (small parts).
  • Do not stir the tea; let it steep.
  • The tea leaves should have enough room in the infuser (what holds the tea in the hot water) to unfold allowing the water to pass through each leaf.
  • Do not use plastic or metal cups.
  • Use one teabag for every cup of tea.
  • Squeeze out the tea bags into the pot before removing them.
  • Put the tea in the water only after the water stops boiling.
  • Drink the tea from a ceramic, glass, or earthenware cup.
  • Compost or throw away the tea bags and do not put them in your cup.


  • Keep your tea out of any light.
  • Keep your tea out of the air.
  • Keep your tea away from heat sources.
  • Keep your tea dry and away from moisture.
  • Store your tea at room temperature or a little cooler.
  • Do not store your tea next to walls or on the ground.
  • Do not store your tea near spices, soaps, cheeses, or other items with a strong aroma or odor.
  • Keep your tea fresh by keeping it sealed in an airtight and opaque container.


  • Rinse only.
  • Never use soap.
  • Use a brush if you need to.
  • If a long time passes, then you may need to switch cups and let your favorite cup sit with baking soda in it for a while.
  • Cleaning electric water-heaters requires reading the manufacturer’s recommendations and following them.

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