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Empathic to Narcissistic: 5 Styles

Empathic to Narcissistic Using 5TP

5 Personality Styles Using the 5 Thinking Positions (5TP)

1. Empathic

Empathy occurs when you feel the feelings of another as if they were your own. Such vulnerability allows for deep relationships, contact, and sharing. Such vulnerability needs to guarded and not used around those who would take advantage of it or try to manipulate the person who demonstrates it.

2. Sympathetic

Sympathy occurs when you think about the feelings of another as if they were your own. This is a safe position that allows one to show concern and provide care without the risk of intimate personal contact.

3. Apathetic

Apathy occurs when you believe there is no meaning or purpose and things exist for nothing. Apathy can lead to problems of motivation and can destroy relationships because concern for others is hard to muster if you don’t care about anything.

4. Self-Centered

Self-centered individuals are almost entirely focused on their personal story and needs. Most people find them boring, shallow, and empty.

5. Narcissistic

Narcissistic individuals are only aware of themselves as real persons. Only they have feelings so only their feelings can matter. They are not always monsters, but monsters are always narcissistic.

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