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12 Steps Stop Shit

12 Steps Stop Shit

Simple Instructions on How to Stop Your Shit

  • Garden will teach you an easy and effective system of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT & REBT).
  • Garbage Rules will prod you to face your self-defeating thinking that’s keeping you addicted.
  • Ego will help you to understand and overcome the underlying problem in your addiction.

12 Steps Stop Shit

  1. Detach from shit.
  2. De-energize shit.
  3. Deconstruct shit.
  4. De-emotionalize shit.
  5. Distance self from shit.
  6. Decrease & divorce shit.
  7. Stop owning shit.
  8. Stop dwelling on shit.
  9. Stop taking shit to heart.
  10. Stop identifying with shit.
  11. Stop taking shit seriously.
  12. Stop fearing & feeling shit.

More Ways to Stop Shit

  1. Dispute shit.
  2. Discard shit.
  3. Disprove shit.
  4. Denounce shit.
  5. Distract from shit.
  6. Dissociate from shit.
  7. Stop blaming shit.
  8. Stop living for shit.
  9. Stop returning shit.
  10. Stop revenging shit.
  11. Stop looping on shit.
  12. Stop giving in to shit.
  13. Stop rehearsing shit.
  14. Stop focusing on shit.
  15. Stop empowering shit.
  16. Stop talking about shit.
  17. Stop whining about shit.
  18. Stop surrendering to shit.
  19. Stop making shit important.
  20. Stop playing the victim of shit.

People Cannot Make You—

people cannot control

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