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No-ting Thinking Error

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No-ting Thinking Error Wreaks Havoc on Humans

Trying to Undo Thinking Is a Thinking Error

  • The no-ting thinking error is so common and destructive that it deserves its own page.
  • The no-ting error can be considered under the basic heading of trying to control what you cannot control.
  • The no-ting error is found everywhere, but it is the favorite of the emotionally disturbed and the addicted.

2 Main Variations of No-ting Error

  1. Demand something not exist that does exist.
  2. Demand something not be what it is.

2 Main Variations of No-ting Error: Undo Time or Stop Time

  1. Demand the past not be what it is: undo time either the past or some moment.
  2. Demand what is happening now is not happening now: stop existence or time.

No-ting Results in Frustration & Doing the Opposite of What You Want

  1. Since you cannot change reality, you become angry, depressed, frustrated, or upset.
  2. Since you insist on making something not exist, all you have left to focus on and reinforce is its existence.

Examples of the No-ting Error

  1. I must not drink; therefore, I must drink because I cannot not drink. There is no single state of being that is not drinking because not drinking is either everything else or nothing else.
  2. I must not have acted so badly in the past so that memory must change. And I will analyze or rationalize it until it does.
  3. He/she/it must treat me better right now than they are treating me right now. This reality cannot exist.
  4. My child does not do drugs even though everyone tells me that they do because I must not be seen to be a bad parent.

Compare No-ting Error to REBT

  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) teaches people not to demand so much or so often.

Compare No-ting Error to Acceptance

  • Accepting things as they are now or were in the past is the opposite of the no-ting error.

Compare to Sigmund Freud’s Defense Mechanism

  • Do you see any or all of Freud’s defense mechanisms as ways to cope with no-ting?
  • Denial and suppression are useful to stop no-ting because no-ting becomes increasingly distracting and disturbing since it cannot work or complete its task.
  • Freud’s Ego Defense Mechanisms

Book Devoted to Overcoming No-ting Error

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