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REBT's ABCs of Emotions

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  • Garden will teach you an easy and effective system of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT & REBT).
  • REBT practitioners update your practice for greater effectiveness and efficiency with Not.

“REBT and CBT are concerned with the nature of thought and thinking like philosophy and also with the nature of emotions and behaviors like psychology, which means they integrate and benefit from both.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

“I suggest that people take the challenge and adventure of creating and maintaining a profound attitude of unconditionally accepting themselves, other people, and world frustrations, no matter what occurs in life. They better make it an integral, unforgettable part of their living.” —Albert Ellis

  1. 3 Main Beliefs of REBT
  2. 3 Main Goals of REBT
  3. 3 Main Musts of REBT
  4. 3 Main Philosophies & Strategies of REBT
  5. 8 Counseling Issues to Focus On
  6. Aaron Beck saying that Ellis was first with the CBT theory.
  7. Albert Ellis: 2nd Most Influential Psychologist: External Link
  8. Albert Ellis: Interview in Psychology Today
  9. Albert Ellis: Quotations
  10. Albert Ellis: “The New Yorker” Article
  11. Albert Ellis on FitzMaurice’s Books
  12. Albert Ellis on Using REBT with Religious Persons: External Link
  13. Albert Ellis Was the Real Expert on Bullying: External Link
  14. Article on FitzMaurice’s Contributions to CBT & REBT
  15. Awful, Terrible, & Horrible: REBT Perspective
  16. CBT, CT, & REBT Cognitive Psychotherapies: List of Pages
  17. Cognitive Psychotherapy Quotations
  18. Disputing & Challenging Thinking Errors
  19. Disputing & Thinking Tests for REBT & CBT: List of Pages
  20. Fast Facts on REBT & CBT
  21. “I” Messages or “I” Statements & REBT’s ABCs
  22. Memes on REBT & CBT
  23. Musts: Friend & Foe
  24. Musts & Demands Cause Stress: 4 Ways
  25. Preferences Over Shoulds Over Musts
  26. Quotations by Topic: Test, Challenge, & Question
  27. REBT: What Is REBT? 3 Main Strategies
  28. REBT & Different Kinds of Demands
  29. REBT & CBT Collection of Memes
  30. REBT & Compatibility with Religion
  31. REBT Is Deeper than CBT, CT, & Other Counseling Theories
  32. REBT Is Integrative, Not Electic (Scroll down for this section.)
  33. REBT Network: Links to Free Videos of Albert Ellis Speaking
  34. REBT’s 4 Issues As System
  35. REBT’s 10 Must Scripts
  36. REBT’s 11 Irrational Beliefs
  37. REBT’s ABCs of Emotions
  38. REBT’s ABCs of Emotions: YouTube Whiteboard-Animation by Windy Dryden
  39. REBT’s Main Website: External Link
  40. REBT Related 5TP on Demands (number 25)
  41. REBT Video Demonstrations Online: External Link
  42. REBT Websites for Information & Books: List of Links
  43. Self-Esteem & REBT: YouTube
  44. The Unique, Vigorous, & Compassionate Approach of REBT: Debbie Joffe Ellis: Vimeo
  45. Thinking Tests: List of Pages
  46. Unconditional Self-Acceptance by Albert Ellis: YouTube External Link (Audio Only)
  47. Unconditional Self-Esteem (USE): Defined
  48. Unconditional Self-Esteem (USE), (UOE), (ULE), & (UAE): Examples
  49. Unconditional Self-Esteem (USE), (UOE), (ULE), & (UAE): Reasons

Cognitive Psychotherapists Find the Challenges & Disputes Your Clients Need

3 Therapies Based on REBT Using a Different Focus

  1. Rational Behavior Therapy: A Variation on REBT Using Rational Self-Counseling
  2. Logic-Based Therapy: A Variation on REBT Using Syllogisms & Philosophy
  3. STPHFR-Paradigm Therapy: A Variation on REBT Using Advanced ABCs

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