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Quotations: Memes & Minds 2014

7 Step Plan to Reduce Ego

 FitzMaurice’s Memes & Minds in 2014

  • Ego will help you to recognize, remove, and replace your ego: a.k.a. self-esteem.


  • You may copy, print, and post the memes below if you make no changes to them, their contents, remove the copyright notice, or charge fees to share them. Enjoy!
  • The memes are organized by the date that they were added with the most recent at the top of this page.
  • The memes are all formatted in png. This should allow them to scale clearly to wherever you need them.

11. Meme 2014: Vegetarian Diet Helps the World

Vegetarians Helps the World

10. Meme 2014: Bleed the Poor to Avoid Taxing the Rich

tax the poor before rich

9. Meme 2014: Profit First Is Insane & Disasterous

profit first is failure first

8. Meme 2014: How You Treat Others Is About You

treat others like self

7. Meme 2014: 7 Common Superstitions about Feelings

7 feeling superstitions

6. Meme 2014: You Feel Like Shit from Shit

focus on shit get shit

5. Meme 2014: The ABCs of Neurosis

ABCs of neurosis

4. Meme 2014: Refocus on the Highest

refocus on the highest

3. Meme 2014: Stop Looking Like a Sex Object

female integrity

2. Meme 2014: Sorry Is Selfish

what is said serves what

1. Meme 2014: Less of Foolish & More of Smart

less this and more that

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