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Fast-Facts Teach How to Communicate

“A wise man does not chatter with one whose mind is sick.” —Sophocles, The Women of Trachis

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  • Read to master perspective-taking.

Discovery Demands 5TP

01. Meme 2017: How to Cause Double Binds to Control Others

  • (See “How to Effectively Respond to Double Binds” to get out of the traps.)

12 Step Double-Bind Trap

02. Meme 2017: How to Communicate Using “I” Statements

Communicate with I messages

03. Meme: How to Complain

We can complain only about ourselves.

04. Meme 2017: How to Control Others—10 Ways

10 Ways to Control Others

05. Meme 2017: How to Cure Whiners—Step by Step

The Whiner Cure Formulae

06. Meme 2020: How to Discuss Ideas, Not People.

  • This meme is about discussing ideas and not people.
  • This meme provides eight levels of focus for discussions.
  • Click for more information on communication.

How to discuss ideas and not people.

07. Meme 2017: How to Effectively Respond to Double Binds

  • (See “How to Cause Double Binds to Control Others” to understand more.)

Double-Bind Responses - Rules for

08. Meme 2017: How to Lie Like the Media & Politicians

8 Lying Systems of Media

09. Meme 2017: How to Handle Difficult People—6 Choices

6 Ways to Handle People

10. Meme 2019: How to Motivate Complaining

5 Sources of Complaining

11. Meme 2017: How to Parent or Supervise

10 Parenting Rules to Learn & Practice

12. Meme 2012: How to Respond Intelligently

intelligent responding

13. Meme 2014: How to Say You Are Sorry

what is said serves what

14. Meme 2011: How to See that Whining Is Irritating

whining is not magic

15. Meme 2015: How to Take Responsibility for What You Say

responsible for what said

16. Meme 2018: How to Talk to Mean People

Mean Talk Causes Internal Suffering

17. Meme 2017: How to Understand 25 Relational Styles

25 Relational Styles from 5TP

18. Meme 2000-16: How to Understand How Ego Causes Fights

ego causes fights

19. Meme 2017: How to Understand Passive to Aggressive Styles

Passive to Aggressive with 5TP

20. Meme 2017: How to Understand Perspective

4 Stage Evolution of Perspective

21. Meme 2011: How to Understand Trying to Be Right

being right is wrong

22. Meme 2020: People Cannot Talk or Think About You

People Cannot Talk About You

Fast-Facts by Topic: Help for You to Feel, Think, & Do Better in Life

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  1. 3Rs (Recognize, Remove, Replace) Fast-Facts
  2. 5 Thinking Positions (5TP) Fast-Facts
  3. Communication Fast-Facts
  4. Ego & Self-Esteem Fast-Facts
  5. Feelings & Coping Fast-Facts
  6. Identity-Semantic Fast-Facts
  7. REBT & CBT Counseling Fast-Facts
  8. Self-Esteem & Ego Fast-Facts
  9. Thinking Skills Fast-Facts

Fast-Facts by Book: Online Tables (Memes) from Select Books

  • Please note that these collections can be incomplete and more can be found in our books.
  1. Book Fast-Facts from Many Books
  2. Secret of Matuirty, Fourth Edition: Fast-Facts
  3. Stiffer: Stoic Mind: Fast-Facts
  4. Stress for Success, Second Edition: Fast-Facts