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Self Is Emptiness

identify with your real self as emptiness.

Self Is Emptiness Because Self Is a Vessel

  • Ego will help you to recognize, remove, and replace your ego: a.k.a. self-esteem.

“Do not allow yourself to suppress your thoughts. Instead, let the thoughts come before you and become a sort of observer. Start observing your mind. Don’t try to escape, do not be afraid of your thinking.” —Swami Rama

“Thirty spokes connect to the wheel’s hub; yet, it is the center hole that makes it useful. Clay is shaped into a vessel; yet, it is the emptiness within that makes it useful. Doors and windows are cut for a room; yet it is the space where there is nothing that makes it useful. Therefore, though advantage comes from  what is; usefulness comes from what is not.” —Lao Tzu

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” —Socrates

Information on Self & Emptiness

  • Emptiness is your aliveness.
  • Emptiness is your living.
  • Emptiness is vibrating sensations of fragile expectancy.
  • Emptiness allows the pleasures of eating and thinking.
  • Emptiness allows feeling, sensing, and sensations.
  • I am this emptiness.
  • I was created as emptiness.
  • I am my inner empty space.
  • Be your own emptiness, not the emptiness of the universe.
  • The mind is knowledge of emptiness (memory of sensations of emptiness).
  • The three keys: waiting, wait as emptiness, wait on Spirit (Energy).
  • The boundaries and limits of my being create an empty space inside me.
  • The self does emptiness by being alive.
  • The heart-self is emptiness (senses emptiness).
  • The soul is the awareness of emptiness (sensations of emptiness).
  • Your heart is your emptiness plus your life force.
  • Your soul does emptiness because the soul does sensations.
  • Your mind knows emptiness because your mind marks to recall.
  • The emptiness inside me is the insides of my empty vessel.
  • What can emptiness know, do, or be but emptiness?
  • When you experience emptiness, wait on emptiness to keep in the state of emptiness.
  • When you have a moment of emptiness, and thought comes in to name it and take it away, be the emptiness, return to the emptiness, and focus on the experience of the emptiness.
  • Without emptiness, you are full of the noise of thinking, so you are dull and without joy.

#Emptiness #Inside: 2020-09-03

1. The emptiness inside you is the insides of an empty vessel.

2. The emptiness inside you is natural, normal, and expected of a container.

3. The emptiness inside you is your use and value, and that emptiness does not exist without you.

4. The emptiness that you find inside is the emptiness defined by the boundaries of your vessel nature.

5. The emptiness inside you is not oneness, oneness with God, the creative void, or the universe, but the emptiness is you because it is your nature as a vessel to be and provide that emptiness.

#Empty #Space: 2020-09-04

1. I am the internal empty space of my vessel.

2. My being alive creates my internal empty space.

3. My internal empty space allows me to host God.

4. I wait on God (Spirit, Energy, Power) as my emptiness.

5. I return to my emptiness again and again while allowing thoughts to pass without interference—this is known as meditation.

#Creative #Emptiness: 2020-09-05

1. There is a direct connection between talent and internal emptiness.

2. There is a direct connection between creativity and internal emptiness.

3. There is a direct connection between intelligence and internal emptiness.

4. There is a direct connection between awareness and internal emptiness.

5. There is a direct connection between consciousness and internal emptiness.

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