Effort Is Inescapable–Choose Right Effort

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Effort Is Living Life

“Effort is inescapable; therefore, put your effort into solutions instead of problems.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

“An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding.” —Robert Louis Stevenson

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Effort of Problems Is 3 Times the Effort of Solutions

  1. Effort to avoid the problem.
  2. Effort to escape the problem.
  3. Effort to deny the problem.
  4. Effort to reframe the problem (excuse, rationalize).
  5. Effort to blame the problem on someone else.
  6. Effort to damn imaginary causes of the problem.
  7. Effort to damn imaginary maintainers of the problem.
  8. Effort to maintain a victim role in relation to the problem.
  9. Effort to whine about the problem.
  10. Effort to avoid responsibility for the problem.
  11. Effort to use quick fixes on the problem.
  12. Effort to deal with the results of the problem.
  13. Effort to persist in avoiding problem-solving.
  14. Effort to persist in avoiding coping.
  15. Effort to maintain laziness.

The Effort of Solutions

  1. Effort to find solutions.
  2. Effort to choose a solution.
  3. Effort to practice a solution.
  4. Effort to evaluate solution’s effectiveness.
  5. Effort to persist in practicing solutions.


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