Roles Versus Masks

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Perform Roles, Not Become Masks

“The worse deceit is self-deceit.” —David Ben-Gurion

“The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.” —Socrates

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  • Masks are what you wear to hide behind.
  • Masks divide self from self.
  • Masks are the device of the phony.
  • Masks are a pretense.
  • Masks are lies.


  • Beware those who smile all the time because they are hiding their real intentions and will likely stab you in the back when they get the chance.
  • Pasted-on smiles hide aggression, subversion, deviousness, sabotage, counterplay, and all manner of evil doings.
  • Ask yourself: Why does this person hide behind a smile all the time? What must they really be feeling and thinking?


  • Roles are what you perform.
  • Roles are behavior sets that you follow.
  • Roles are guidelines for behavior that help us to interact.
  • Roles are not people and people are not roles.
  • Roles are true when you follow them and are aware that you are following a role.


  • We want you to follow your role as a car driver and not your true desires as a car driver.
  • Your role is to stop at a red light whether or not you feel like it.
  • Your role is to stop for a school bus whether or not you think you need to.


  • Roles are helpful and masks are hurtful.
  • Roles keep you within the bounds of your duties whereas masks hide your true intentions.
  • Roles are real and masks are phony.
  • Roles are guidelines and masks are deceptions.
  • Roles are functions and masks are games.

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