What You Serve Is What You Get

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Pray that You Serve the Highest

  • Ego will help you to recognize, remove, and replace your ego: a.k.a. self-esteem.

“As this belief is, so will be our acts and our thoughts. As our acts and our thoughts are, so will our lives be.” —Seneca

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What you serve is what you get.

The Secret of Life Is:

What you serve is what you get.

  • Ask yourself what your heart and mind are on?
  • What channels are your heart and mind listening to?

Good News?

  • At the end of life, you will get to serve whatever it is that you have served the most. Is that good news!?
  • If you serve your self-talk instead of prayer or God, then you will get your self-talk for eternity. Is that what you want?

Don’t like your life?

  • Stop serving the negative.
  • Stop dwelling on the negative.
  • Stop praying with the negative.
  • Stop worrying the negative.
  • Start serving the positive.

Choose How to Spend

  • What you spend your time on you get.
  • What you spend your life on you get.
  • What you spend your mind and heart on is your destiny.

You cannot know everything.

So why not spend your limited time knowing the good?

  • What do you spread?
  • What do you magnify?
  • What does your daily life increase today, now?
  • What will you have added the most of at the end of your days?
  • You cannot hide your thoughts from God, so you better think as of even people can hear you.

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3D: Daily Dose of Discernment: 2020

#Punishment #Reward: 2020-03-02

1. The only punishment is that you get to continue to host the evil that you serve most.

2. The only punishment is serving the evil that you serve without any covering or pretense.

3. The only punishment is experiencing the recurring death, darkness, and disintegration of the evil that you serve.

4. The only reward is that you get to continue to host the good that you serve the most.

5. The only reward is experiencing the infinite life, light, and love of the good that you serve.

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You serve it -- you have it.