42 Modern Superstitions

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How Many Do You Believe?

Definition of Superstition

  • A superstition is a belief that is held to be true without there being any experience, proof, or historical precedent to regard it as being true.


  1. Positive self-esteem is the solution.
  2. I am what I know, experience, do, or have.
  3. I can know by identifying my self with my thoughts.
  4. I can become good and/or I can do good.
  5. I can control or develop my self into something.
  6. If I feel bad enough then I will be and do good.
  7. My self is responsible for causing my thoughts.
  8. Damning and suppressing make evil into good.
  9. My feelings are out of my control.
  10. All I need to do is to release my feelings.
  11. People and events can cause my feelings.
  12. Chemicals, genes, and society control my mind.
  13. Victims have the right to act like perpetrators.
  14. If it should be then it must be.
  15. I should not have to learn or to practice anything.
  16. I can let people or things “get to me.”
  17. I am other people’s opinions of me.
  18. People are thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  19. I have been or I am glad, mad, or sad.
  20. Anger needs to be felt and can help cause good.
  21. I am self-esteem shoulda-, woulda-, coulda-beens.
  22. I am self-esteem good or bad has-beens.
  23. I am self-esteem good or bad doings.
  24. I will be self-esteem should-, would-, could-bes.
  25. Life is and can be fair and things can be equal.
  26. Human problems can be solved by politics.
  27. Human thoughts can control or change reality.
  28. Human thoughts are what they can only point to.
  29. Beauty is a measure of truth.
  30. Reified thoughts are reality and/or cause reality.
  31. Damning and demonizing help create good.
  32. Deifying and sentimentality are real and are good.
  33. Aliens are controlling or influencing our destiny.
  34. God has the same limitations that humans have.
  35. Nature made everything out of nothing for nothing.
  36. Life was created by destruction: big bang theory.
  37. Evolution is a fact and not just a fallacious theory.
  38. Scientists are rational and science is objective.
  39. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle applies to life.
  40. Alternate universes are scientific facts.
  41. Butterflies can cause tornados.
  42. Matter controls, creates, and/or is over energy.

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