50 Rational & Helpful Beliefs

Discovery Demands 5TP

Read These Thoughts Again & Again Until They Become Habits

50 Rational & Helpful Thoughts or Attitudes

  1. Self-esteem is either deifying or demonizing the self.
  2. I know, do, and am the host, not the hosted.
  3. I cannot know but I can host/enjoy God’s knowing.
  4. Only God is good and only God does good.
  5. I can/must control my identity and attention, not self.
  6. I respond well to love and encouragement.
  7. I must blame my scripts, not my self or my behaviors.
  8. Motivation and surrender make me behave.
  9. I control my feelings by what I take to heart.
  10. Releasing feelings only reinforces feelings.
  11. I cause my feelings by what I take to heart.
  12. To be is to be responsible for your choices.
  13. I am what I hate: my ego is what I claim to know.
  14. If it should be then I might choose to work for it to be.
  15. Detaching identity must be learned and practiced.
  16. Nothing can get to me but me: only I control my mind.
  17. Other people’s opinions are just that and no-ting more.
  18. People are transceivers of not creators of thoughts.
  19. No one has ever been or ever will be a feeling.
  20. Love needs to be felt as only Love can help.
  21. I am a living vessel and not imaginary pasts.
  22. I am a living transceiver, not rated past behaviors.
  23. I am a living container, not the behaviors of my body.
  24. I am a being, not some thing becoming some thing.
  25. In order to exist, everything has to be unequal.
  26. Human problems can only be fixed by personal virtue.
  27. Only God’s thoughts control and change reality.
  28. God has a limitation: He cannot lie.
  29. Beauty is a measure of current standards, not truth.
  30. Reified thoughts prevent the experience of reality.
  31. Love, mercy, forgiveness, and charity lead to good.
  32. Only God deserves to be praised and thanked.
  33. Aliens are only imaginary. Science fiction is not fact.
  34. Human thoughts are not what they are only about.
  35. God made everything out of something for something.
  36. Life was created by Love for Love.
  37. Evolution is an unproven theory that explains nothing.
  38. Historically, scientists are bigots and science is biased.
  39. God is not limited to human forms of measurement.
  40. Mind is over matter and Spirit is over all.
  41. Detaching and switching identity comes with practice.
  42. I identify with what has/hosts thoughts not thoughts.
  43. I exist before, during, and after my thoughts.
  44. Switching is my only way to change or control.
  45. Truth is light, simple, practical, factual, and logical.
  46. I detach from the pain of the exposure of the ego to the light.
  47. Self-esteem reifies self as positive or negative things.
  48. I am the being, not the doing, the living, not the done.
  49. I switch my identity from the contents to the container.
  50. I am the transceiver, not the thoughts received or sent.

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