Thinking Has Its Place

Thinking Has Its Right Place & Function

Thinking Has Its Right Place

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“Thus the negative perception is the triumph of consciousness.” —Alfred North Whitehead

Thinking Is Valuable

Thinking is the best tool for many functions.

Thinking is useful for:

  • labeling.
  • using labels to compare labels.
  • using labels to connect or link to other labels.
  • using labels to create a database of labels
  • using labels to locate or find something that has a label.
  • using labels to mark or designate boundaries.
  • using labels to measure something with labels.
  • using labels to name something so as to be able to speak of it.
  • using labels to remember or record something with a label.
  • using labels to sort or organize something as labels.
  • using labels to track or show progress as labels.
  • using labels to understand or relate to other labels.

Thinking Is Problematic When Used Incorrectly

When you use thinking beyond its function, purpose, and scope, then you create problems.

Thinking is not useful as or in place of:

  • ability
  • compassion
  • effort
  • evidence
  • experience
  • faith
  • feeling
  • insight
  • intelligence
  • learning
  • love
  • skill
  • talent
  • understanding
  • work

Book on Hundreds of Thinking Errors

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