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Detachment & Identity

Attachment to desire is the problem

Detachment Is Primary Skill for Sanity

“The essence of balance is detachment.” —Chinese proverb

“We have bound our souls to pleasure, whose service is the same of all evil.” —Seneca

Must Be Able to Detach

  • You must be able to detach from false identities.
  • You must be able to detach from conflicts.
  • You must be able to detach from persons, places, and things.
  • The older you get, the more you need to detach from.

Detachment & Attachment

  • Detachment has nothing to do with not feeling or experiencing.
  • Detachment has everything to do with feeling and experiencing without ego.
  • You detach so that you can feel and experience.
  • Attachment causes suppression and repression, not detachment.
  • Attachment causes defensiveness and denial of feelings, not detachment.
  • Attachment causes limited feelings and experience in order to protect your self-image.
  • Attachment causes loss of contact with reality in order to protect your self-concepts.
  • Detachment frees you from slavery to self-esteem, self-story, and ego.
  • Attachment is the problem and detachment is the solution.

8 Thinking Skills for Uprooting Thoughts

8 Thinking Skills for Detaching

Ask Yourself If You Can Exist Without—

Can you exist without thought?

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