5As of Coping with Life & Reality

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Coping Simplified into 5 Steps: 5As

“The time is always right to do what is right.” —Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  1. You must acknowledge that something exists before you can deal with it. Ignoring problems is not solving problems. Pretending problems are not problems is self-deception and often self-destructive too. Waiting to deal with problems allows them to grow and to become harder to deal with.
  2. You must accept the existence of an issue or problem before you can begin to try to fix it or to cope with it. Admitting that you do not, for example, exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle is not enough, you must face your lack of exercise and accept it as a fact before you can proceed further.
  3. You must accommodate or make room in your life for what exists especially when you do not like it or want it to exist. Else, you will be causing yourself and others unnecessary and unproductive stress.
  4. You must adjust your life to deal with the fact of the existence of an issue or problem that you cannot currently fix or problem solve. You are still free to pursue the authority and power that you need to fix a problem, and because you acknowledge, accept, accommodate, and adjust to the problem, your search for solutions will be more effective and productive.
  5. You must adapt to the reality of life as it is with all its imperfections and undesirable aspects. Else, you risk your own sanity and mental health as well as the sanity and mental health of those you influence. Blaming, damning, and whining are problems, not solutions.
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5As of Coping with Life


  1. Acknowledge existence.
  2. Accept existence.
  3. Accommodate existence.
  4. Adjust to existence.
  5. Adapt to existence.


  1. You acknowledge you believe that you are on the only option for your chosen career path where you are currently working, but you find your primary boss, superior, or supervisor intolerable.
  2. You accept your boss the way that he/she is. This means you don’t try to change or control them.
  3. You find ways to accommodate the irrational demands of your boss and their toxic personality. For example, you learn about strategies on how to handle difficult people and learn to master those strategies.
  4. You find ways to adjust to working in an environment populated with incompetent professionals and untrained supervisors. For example, you find a sane mentor and spend time with them and other people you respect.
  5. You adapt and find peace for yourself while you do what you believe you need to do. You do what you need to do for your career making it as enjoyable and positive as you can.